Yoga Practice with Sharòn

I have been practising yoga for over 20 years & was lucky enough early on, to discover how deeply supportive & enriching it could be & continues to be, in my everyday life, physically, emotionally & spiritually.

I share a gentle & restorative Hatha yoga practice, with physical postures alongside Meditation & Relaxation, a reconnection of mind, body & soul.

Yoga is a process of self-enquiry, a choice to explore how you feel, greater awareness of your Breath & a deeper understanding of Yoga philosophy.

Coming to the yoga mat is a very personal & potentially transformative experience. It can evoke all sorts of responses, depending very much on how you feel on that particular day, within Mind & Body. You may have practised yoga for many years or it may be your first time. Unrolling the mat on to the floor, symbolises for me, the choice to slow down, recharge & nurture your Self. Often there is excitement (& relief) that finally you can stop, have a break from busy everyday activities & schedules. It can also be quite daunting if being alone or stopping is rare. Feelings of vulnerability can take time to get used to. The initial quiet, the stillness & the absence of external demands, images or technology can be quite a shock or unusual for some & for others a much-needed counter balance to stress & pressures of daily life. And that is ok. We welcome whatever feelings surface & encourage ourselves to kindly acknowledge how we are doing, without criticism or judgements.

You are encouraged to rest the mind, using the rhythm & flow of the breath to help focus on the present-moment.  Meditation can often be our greatest challenge, but with a disciplined approach & patience, this is something we can develop over time. Within postures, we learn to stretch & reawaken different parts of the body gradually, so as not to shock limbs, joints & muscles. We move & hold with grace & steadiness, to develop flexibility & suppleness & to help release physical & emotional tension. It is so important to practice safely, always remembering to follow the guidance, observe me if you’re unsure, listen to your body with honesty, compassion & gratitude & always caution with any weakness.

At the end of class, you acknowledge the transition of moving off your mat, possibly with clarity of thought & newly-discovered strength & understanding to take into your life beyond…often feeling happier & more peaceful.

Tuesday Evenings at Shenley School 7.30-9pm (monthly block payable in advance or trial class £10) or Thursdays at Shenley Chapel 9.30-11am, drop-in £10/class.

07956 671113

Also Art Exhibition The Radlett Centre Upstairs Gallery, Feb-March

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