Crime & ASB Figures – January 2018


January 2018 crime & ASB figures

Offence No. in Shenley No. in Hertsmere
Burglary business and community 0  23
Burglary residential 1  53
Criminal damage 0  52
Vehicle crime 1  69
Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) incidents* 9  199


Burglary Dwelling

Offender(s) smashed a rear door and stole cash from an address in Andrew Close between January 14 and 16.

Vehicle Crime

Petrol was drained from the tank of a silver Toyota Carola parked in Newcombe Road between January 17 and 26.

Anti-Social Behaviour

The anti-social behaviour includes:

  • Young people drinking, shouting and being rowdy in Shenley Park on different days.
  • Young people drinking alcohol, smoking drugs and playing loud music at the bus stop on Porters Park Drive.
  • Young people throwing stones at cars in Porters Park Drive.
  • A vehicle parked across a neighbours’ drive in Russet Drive.

*ASB is not defined as ‘crime’ however it has been included in this table for your information as it can affect the wider community and we (police) are jointly responsible with local councils for dealing with it. Recordable ASB includes neighbour disputes and noise nuisance, as well as issues such as regular rowdy behaviour in public places.

Other Crime

Other news and events

Useful information

You can follow your local team on Twitter @Shenleypolice

Visit where you can find the latest police and crime news, crime prevention advice and people wanted by police.


Police non-emergency number 101. (In an emergency always use 999).

Contact Crimestoppers anonymously with information about crime on 0800 555 111.


Shenley Parish Council area is covered by PCSOs Chris Ramdeen from the Potters Bar and Shenley Safer Neighbourhood Team.

Sergeant’s Message

“The main issue in Shenley is young people behaving anti-socially, including young people drinking underage, shouting, swearing and smoking drugs.  We are working closely with schools, parents and the local community as well as the Hertsmere Community Safety Partnership.  We are looking at diversionary options, including sport, so that young people have something to do and we are trying to give them strong role models so that they make the right decisions.  If you see anyone behaving anti-socially, please call us on 101.  Together, we can help make Shenley and even nicer place to live.

“If you would like to speak about any local quality of life issues, don’t hesitate to contact PCSO Ramdeen via the non-emergency number 101 or via email  If you are not already a member of Neighbourhood Watch, it’s a great time to join.  Simply log on to to receive free emails about local issues and crimes.”


Sgt Noel Buckley

Potters Bar & Shenley Safer Neighbourhood Team




Shenley Parish

Agenda Parish Meeting 6th Feb 2018


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Amanda Leboff

Clerk to the Parish Council                                                              30th January 2018


Shenley Parish News – January 2018

Vol 37 No 1 – January 2018

Come and See

The start of the year is a time of new resolutions and fresh resolve for the things we hope for and dream about. It is often the time we re-motivate to become our fitter-healthier-more reconciled selves.

Jesus asks his first disciples ‘What do you want?’ (John 1:38).

As we delve into this new year, Jesus’ question is a good one to consider answering for ourselves. What do I want?

So often we can look to other people and places to be the answer to ‘what we want’. I am aware of John the Baptist’s invitation to look at Jesus (John 1:29). John is baptising people in the local lake and, on seeing Jesus, he exclaims, ‘Look!’ Look closely. Really look. It’s Jesus – our rescuer, the One who can hold our hopes and dreams.

So how do we know where to look or how to recognise Jesus today? I think we can quickly say we know who Jesus is. ‘You know, Jesus – yes, he’s the baby born in Bethlehem’. Or even – ‘he is the one who died on a cross’. But I
am left wondering do we truly know him? Do we know him as the one who invites us to join his story? Do we know him as the one who, as we turn to him, hears our cry and rescues us?

So returning to Jesus’ question…what do we want? Security, a promotion, peace, reconciliation of broken relationships, to be healthier? There will be many answers to this question. The first disciples respond to this question by asking Jesus where he lives. They wanted to get to know Jesus. Jesus’ response was ‘Come…and you will see’ (John 1:39).

Jesus invites the disciples, and he invites us, to come and see. To come and see who he is.

As a friend of Jesus, I have found that He is the answer to my question of what I want. Where I am low in resolve and motivation, as I spend time looking at who Jesus is, I find that the question of what I want finds fulfilment. I warmly invite you this New Year, to join together with us at St Martin’s to look, and to look again, at who Jesus really is.

Revd Ann Poultney
Curate at St Martin’s

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Shenley Parish News – December 2017

Vol 36 No 12 – December 2017

A Christmas Present for You

I love Christmas! I love Santa! I love all the tree decorating, and endless Michael Buble Christmas songs! I love it all!! But the one thing I love the most is the reason for the season: Jesus.

Christians believe all round the world that God became a human 2000 years ago, 2000 miles away! I find this amazing and incredible that Jesus aka ‘God with us’ is ‘with us’ today, in our hearts, churches,
homes and communities.

Below, as gift to you, I have given you all a small early Christmas present! It’s a short list of some of the amazing benefits Jesus gives everyone. I encourage you to cut it out and remind yourself everyday in December of the true wonder of Christmas.

The birth of Jesus shows us that God did not mess up when he made us but, like an awesome parent, he is a father who loves to parade us!

Revd Daniel McCarthy
Vicar of St Martin’s

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Shenley Parish News – November 2017

Vol 36 No 11 – November 2017


Over the years, November has become the month for remembering, with the Christian celebration of All Saints Day and All Souls Day at the beginning of the month, followed by Guy Fawkes Night on 5th November and then
Remembrance Day. It seems as if, with the putting of the clocks back by one hour at the end of October, we become drawn into looking to the past. As the darkness begins to encroach into the middle of the afternoon, we become
more reflective and our memories are reawakened. We remember past events in our own lives and in those of our nation.

For all of us there will be memories that bring us joy, a smile to our face and even make us laugh out loud; those that make us feel ashamed; and others that bring great sadness. Some of us need healing from or reconciling with
the events of the past. For others, memories have enabled lessons to be learnt and become a catalyst for change.
Jesus, through his teaching and actions, showed people that God is compassionate and knows us, forgives us and loves us despite our cracks and crevices. When memories are painful, you may find it helpful to use the
following prayer from Sri Lanka:

Holy Spirit, Spirit of the Living God,
breathe in us, on all that is inadequate and fragile.
make living water spring even from our hurts themselves
and transform the valley of fears into a place of wellsprings,
in an inner life with neither beginning nor end,
may your continual presence make new freshness break through.

Revd Ali Facey

Shenley Methodist Church

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the WI - Inspiring Women

Shenley Women’s Institute

Shenley WI was formed in 1919. We meet on the first Thursday of the month at 7.30pm in the village hall, except for August when we go on an outing.  Being a fairly large WI with over 60 members, we are lucky to be able to attract some very good external speakers for our meetings.

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1st Shenley Cubs – Jan 2018 Report

Take twenty-four extremely enthusiastic Cubs, throw in a selection of hammers, screwdrivers, hacksaws and even the odd power tool and its enough to make even the hardiest of leaders come over slightly queasy!

Yes, for some crazy reason we decided to spend the Autumn term tackling the DIY badge, and I’m delighted to announce the pack incredibly managed to achieved this with all fingers and toes intact.

They learnt how to safely operate  a wide range of tools, and really loved getting stuck in hammering, sanding, drilling and sawing. They then took their new found skills and each produced a handmade wooden photo frame to present to their parents for Christmas.

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Knit and Natter

Knit and Natter is somewhat of a misnomer and we have thought of renaming the group Craft and Chatter as the within the group we have knitters, crocheters, quilters, dry felters and ladies who bring their adult colouring books. However, old habits die hard and we have a knitted banner saying Knit and Natter that we used on Apple Day and we do not want to make a new one!

We meet every Monday morning (except for bank holidays) at the Orchard Tea Rooms, in Shenley Park from 10.30am till noon. Alex and his staff make us most welcome and many of us stay on for lunch afterwards. We seem to attract a lot of attention and we have had wool and a marvellous collection of vintage patterns given to us by other customers who have seen us there.

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Shenley Bowls Club – 2018

Normally, the article from the Shenley Bowls Club is all about trying to recruit new members, but this season we have managed to enlist 4 new bowlers.  The club is extremely happy, but we would like to encourage a few younger people to the game.

The picture above was taken at Braughing Bowls Club, last week.  Braughing is famous for sausages and is about 15 miles from Cambridge.  Shenley has entered a county competition which has both a home and away component. There are 4 teams from each club playing against each other. One team is made up of four players, one of three players, one with two and then a single. Our players are wearing canary yellow tea shirts and are shown playing in the triple event.  Unfortunately, we lost 3 games to one, but we hope we will do better at the home return match at the end of the month.

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Yoga Practice with Sharòn

I have been practising yoga for over 20 years & was lucky enough early on, to discover how deeply supportive & enriching it could be & continues to be, in my everyday life, physically, emotionally & spiritually.

I share a gentle & restorative Hatha yoga practice, with physical postures alongside Meditation & Relaxation, a reconnection of mind, body & soul.

Yoga is a process of self-enquiry, a choice to explore how you feel, greater awareness of your Breath & a deeper understanding of Yoga philosophy.

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