Neighbourhood Plan – SVM Article – Feb 2018

We continue to be very concerned that Hertsmere seem to want to build 9,000 new homes and put a high number of them in Shenley Parish. It was very encouraging that so many residents attended the Hertsmere Planning Department’s new Local Plan’s Issue’s & Options Drop session at Shenley Primary School on 13th November last year. We hope that many have people have made their views known and that Hertsmere listens.

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Neighbourhood Plan Progress Update – August 2017

Shenley Neighbourhood Plan is making good progress. The Steering Group and four Working Parties (Housing & Development, Green Belt & Heritage, Amenities & Local Services and Roads, Transport & Parking) have had many meetings since the Launch on 5th April. A big thank you to all participants. Inevitably the holiday season had an effect regarding people’s availability which has meant that over the last 6 weeks it has been more difficult to get sufficient numbers for key meetings so a few have had to be cancelled. Now that most people have had their holidays I am hoping that momentum will increase again such that we will make more progress over the next few months.
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Shenley Neighbourhood Plan Logo

Aims & Objectives




  1. To maintain the Green Belt surrounding our village, avoiding the creep of urban sprawl.
  2. To maintain and improve the beautiful green appearance of our surroundings and the character of our village. To retain our village status. To maintain identified green spaces in the village
  3. To ensure that all residents have access to community green and open spaces for leisure and recreation.
  4. To minimise the impact of development on the natural and built environment.
  5. To protect the biodiversity of our area, our local wildlife and its habitat and our trees.
  6. To retain the sites in our area which currently provide jobs in their present use and provide sustainable employment opportunities for those who live within and outside it. Where possible to improve and enhance retail facilities offered to the community
  7. To encourage and facilitate the development of identified buildings in the village to provide better facilities for the community.
  8. To promote an active community within the village with desired community and cultural facilities for residents young and old.
  9. To implement design standards which maintain the character of the village and enhance the aesthetic qualities of the buildings in the village.
  10. To meet new housing demand in a way that is sympathetic to the area, that ensures that the right type of housing is built in the right locations and that a mix of housing types is delivered, to especially include smaller homes available to younger people/families and for older people to downsize to.
  11. Have a meaningful opportunity to engage with developers and their design teams in the early stages of designing proposals for strategic sites and any other significant development.
  12. To seek ways to improve traffic flow and congestion in the village and tackle growing parking issues.
  13. To ensure our roads and streets provide safer and more accessible routes, better balancing the needs of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

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