Shenley Neighbourhood Plan – Housing and Development Questionnaire Comments

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Over 200 comments were provided for Q24 of the Housing and Development Questionnaire, for which we are very grateful. This table contains most of them.

Where appropriate, we have also included some comments that were provided for other questions or generally written somewhere on the questionnaire form.

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We need to protect the green belt land. The beauty of Shenley is that it isn't over built - that's why people want to live here
Please protect the green belt
To us, it is vitally important that the area remains surrounded by green belt. We feel enough homes have been built. There is not enough school places or doctor surgery appointments within a reasonable time frame as it is. Strict aesthetic rules must be places on social housing residents as these homes are not well kept.
We don't need any more development. This is a village!!
Shenley has had a sufficient amount of new houses built in the past 25 years, and don't require any more.
When I moved here Shenley was a quite quainte village. There has been too much development already. Pubs - knocked down to become houses. Houses built in what used to be car parks!
This area should not be over developed
Due to Government targets, public pressure & expanding London population we all appreciate Shenley will need to contribute to the supply of houses. It is essential that Shenley still retain its village atmosphere & size. This would mean not taking a disproportionate amount of the house supply but also not building large developments on Green belt land or expanding the village, especially due to existing congestion & parking issues in the village.
Please reconsider, many of Shenley residents have dogs Shenley is a place for many of us to escape you can't replace that with a polluted city or a few thousand buildings that would cut off all the fields and and places I go with my dog to escape from this chaotic world.
Shenley is not a village anymore in the countryside as TOO MANY HOUSES, no parking andnot much greenery left if building on it! Takes the whole beauty of Shenley away!!!!!!
There are enough houses in the shenley village itself. If new houses are to be built I would prefer them to be built in other area's of the shenley parish
we need to avoid sprawling develops linking shenley and borehamwood the primary school should remain the village or we will lose our village identity
The current houses in shenley are too small - we need larger rooms in the houses and more bedrooms - smaller houses built always end up having extensions to cope with demand - in loft and garage - making more problems for parking
Houses need to be built in the UK and Shenley should take its fair share. This is the right thing to do for the next generation. However please do it with consideration. for example, the green areas to the back of the old Nursery are beautiful, for walkers, dogs and a for creating a sense of well-being. Please please look after them for the sake of all our families. If and when houses are built, let's design them to increase the feeling of community in Shenley, and not decrease it.
More housing required but in keeping with area. No more social of "affordable" housing. Just nice houses for families.
Keep Shenley Green. Keep developers away from the village. There are a distinct lack of amenities to support further growth in Shenley. Keep the character of the village!
Keep the Green Belt!!
We think the Shenley area is a particularly poor choice for large developments of new homes because of the limited infrastructure and narrow roads. It would lead to terrible overcrowding and less school places for a growing community with young children.
consideration needs to be given to whether existing infrastructure, services and amenities can cope with the additional people living in extra housing being provided
the area is so expensive that it is difficult to purchase a larger house as families grow. Perhaps more consideration should be given for planning applications to extend existing homes so that families can stay longer where they are with less need for new larger homes for them to move in to in the area.
We need to protect the open green space around Shenley
Development on greenbelt will dramatically change the beauty & appeal of Shenley as it is now. Building on any green sites in the village would be unacceptable. The green space & lack of visual clutter is truly amazing part of life in Shenley.
More affordable housing for families needed . We cannot get on the ladder here so will have to move out of area and commute in when we buy a home
Please keep our Greenbelt green
I love living in Shenley after my one year. I hope it continues to stay friendly, safe, clean & keep having that village feel to it.
Not interested in any new developments in the area. The only reason we moved here was for the village feel, the more you develop the less the appeal which is very high.
We need to keep Shenley a village
Transport infrastructure needs to be addressed before any more housing due to rush hour/school traffic on London Road between A1 + M25. More housing would just increase this and getting onto/across will take longer. More regular buses to train stations.
More affordable social housing is needed for adults (children) living and working locally.
Retain village/rural feel. Any development needs to take account of access to roads/train stations since bus service in Shenley is woeful. Country lanes to be retained.
I would really like to upsize as my 2 boys need their own rooms. Any new housing in Shenley is too expensive to allow current villagers to move.
I have made my views clear on the survey by council. Infrastructure is not at level with current development of office space in Borehamwood therefore additional builds will only escalate issues Barnet is now seeing with extensive builds such as pollution and school places etc. It will collapse by 2020 if this build keeps continuing without infrastructure changes. Current traffic levels through Borehamwood are reflecting this issue already and refurb of building by Tesco's hasn't completed. Shenley and Green area is essential therefore absolute protection must occur for farmers, wild life and well being of population. Local council need to look at their obesity issue + health issue to see statistics which evidence need for green spaces!!!!
We have beautiful countryside around Shenley and everything possible should be done to preserve this.
We cannot retain a village environment by building on green belt. We must oppose government pressure to build houses in the Shenley area. How do we achieve this? GREEN BELT MEANS GREEN BELT!!!
Please keep our green land in Hillcrest Road it’s important to us. We love the woodpeckers the owls and the pheasants.
The character some buildings recently finished are inappropriate for our surrounding. No further development for housing should be permitted until current speeding/parking/traffic volume has been addressed. It seems plenty of money is available to build but no funds to sort existing problems.
More 4 bed+ properties. I am trying to find a suitable larger house as we have 5 people in a 3bed. It's fine for now but as the kids get older we will need a larger house.
Not on green spaces
Don't use pale green ink its hard to read
This is a village and I want it kept this way near London but you live in the countryside. Do not want anymore more homes in Shenley
Current infrastructure (roads, doctor's surgery, primary school) supports the current community size. An increase in house quantities needs a corresponding increase in infrastructure.
Shenley needs more affordable housing for first time buyers.
Shenley does not feel like a village anymore - lots of housing being built - poor police patrol!!
I believe Shenley has reached saturation point with housing development. The infrastructure is not able to cope with existing housing, further development will only add to the problems.
Better transport links.
Do not ruin the character of the village, not our beautiful rural surroundings. I object to question 20 completely as I wish for NO further development.
I would like to see smaller homes 2 bed for young people & bungalows for the elderly
More housing is needed and cannot be ignored. Excellent idea to have a neighbourhood plan to protect the surrounding green belt and character of the village.
We as a household feel Shenley has been developed enough and will loose its villiage environment.
More amenities if planning to build more.
Shenley should remain as a small community village and not built to become a town.
Too much development resulting in increased traffic
More affordable housing needed in Shenley. Small properties & apartments or part ownership schemes to help young people in the village get in the housing ladder.
I have lived here for least than 6 years and during that time have seen 3 developments of new housing. I would prefer to not see any more. Our village will become a town before long!
Leave the green belt green
I've only been here just over 4 years and am shocked by the number of housing projects that we have seen in that time. That said, all have been in keeping with the houses in the area so am fairly happy with the developments. I do not see the necessity for such a small rural village to have to have more housing built especially not on green belt.
Some years ago we suffered power/water outages until the infrastructure was upgraded. I notice we are having power cuts again: are we overloading the supplier with the recent building
It is essential to recognise that we need to build more homes in the places that people want to live and work. Hertsmere must plan and provide suitable houses. To cram houses onto urban sites with high density is NOT where people want to live. We need to face up to the challenge.
In the 5 years we have been living in Shenley, traffic has increased greatly. There is already a major housing development in Shenley. In order to retain the uniqueness of the area another major development would completely diminish Shenley's appeal.
I moved here 2 years ago as I liked the village & the surrounding countryside. I understand housing is needed but it would be good to keep this as a village not blend into Radlett or Borenhamwood.
It would be tragic if Shenley were to lose its village nature through over-development. Green Belt land should remain protected at all costs.
Please do not alter Shenley leave it as it is. Build on brownfield sites.
Traffic, noise and unsociable behaviour has become common in the village recently, extra houses will increase this problem.
There’s too much development in Shenley already.
I am concerned that houses that have been allowed on greenbelt land have been allowed to extend in spite of assurances that this would not happen. There have to date been 4 applications on the former Tokonoma Bonsai site.
As little as possible. Preferably none.
Re (9) No plans to move, but answer would change to "Yes" if there is more development beyond currently approved. Reasons for living here are being eroded by infilling along London Road.
The village of Shenley should be kept as a village. The traffic through the village since the Hospital development has all made it unsafe due to lack of control by Police. Keep Shenley as a Village
More smaller houses (2 bedrooms) to allow single people living in too large a house to be able to sell up or move to smaller house in Shenley to keep their friends close by.
Retain surrounding green belt but no need to keep Shenley itself as green belt. There is no need for Shenley itself to be a green belt village.
We would like Shenley to remain a Village and not become a Town and do not want overdevelopment to take hold. We must try and preserve the character of the Village and Street Scenes. The Infrastructure needs to be grossly improved!
I would like to see roads better maintained with repair of potholes regularly. I wish OpenReach could be made to maintain a better quality of BROADBAND instead of their [communal?] intent
None of our 3 children could afford to live here
Developers and their associated utility companies seriously damage the areas surrounding their developments and parking e.g. Grass verges, road surfaces and traffic 'furniture', without rectifying it following completion of their work. Recently they dug a huge trench across our grass verges and newly laid and improved driveways,because they didn't know where the electricity supply line was. Besides causing a great deal of inconvenience to residents regarding access to their homes and other vehicles using Woodhall Lane, they just filled in the holes with soil no atempt was made to return or seed the the damage they had done to the grass verge, repairs were left to each resident. Developers should be made to make good all damage they do to our environment, especially as they are the ones making huge profits.
I would hate there to be development on the fields adjacent to Old Nursery Close - it would completely ruin + change the feel of this unique development
Shenley has accommodated/tolerated a massive increase in housing over the recent years with a significant (adverse) affect on it's infra-structure and should not be allowed to be swallowed up in future development.
Development needs to meet needs of community (not outsiders). More affordable properties needed for Shenley young people and families. We need the community to be well balanced. We need integrated units giving a sense of community. We need some sheltered accommodation for the elderly like Slade Court in Radlett. More bungalows and small apartments needed too. Facilities need improving & infrastructure.
Basic infrastructure for present residents needs to be updated before more housing is planned! Gas? Water pressure? Internet. Library? Highways, pavements, local shops - a good baker!!
This is a pointless exercise as Hertsmere have already changed the Local Plan to put over 50% of their new housing in Shenley Parish. We have not been consulted and this is totally undemocratic.
The nursery development in Shenley was a terrible waste of land in a central position. I do not know how many of the properties were sold to local people but some retirement flats and smaller houses would have been of better value.
To maintain the village style, we do not need any more houses in Shenley, we need to maintain our Green belt land.
The wood down Black Lion Hill is home to the red squirrel. I feel it is wrong to take the garden from any property.
In the last 20-30 years there has been a lot of additional housing in Shenley. The hospital, Bonzai, Garden Nursery, Adelaide, Black Lion. We are a village and it would be a shame for Shenley to lose its character. I have lived here for 60yrs. There are so any new people I don't even known anyone on the Parish Council! I do know my neighbours still... mostly.
Would very much like to downsize into a property similar to the OAP social bungalows in Cage Pond Road, with a small garden. The chances are nil. I am well aware that I live in what would make some-one a family home.
The social housing needs of Shenley residents appears to be disappearing as flamboyant developments become the normal.
Essential to serve needs of the young, starter homes Plenty of large, very desirable properties in Radlett. Also, consider elderly loners, please
Best to do infill in village area & keep countryside as it is. Maintain all footpaths.
This is a historic village going back to the Roman age, then known as Shenli (not Shenley). I've lived here since 1933
Shenley was (is?) a smallish country village - whose size has doubled and through wish a large amount of heavy traffic passes
Afordable houses for local residents of many years in Shenley and their children if required to buy or rent. Not just larger 3-5 bed houses to purchase from famileys moving out from London with £350,000-£1,00000 to spend. One and two bed houses/flats required.
Simple: lower level priced accommodation for 1st time buyers, aka Shenley youngsters.
My main concern that as more housing appears, it is supported by the main services - electric, gas, water. At one time we had + request stoppages because main amenities did not keep up with housing.
It would be sad to see Shenley become over developed, its a village, and old worldly. Please keep it that way.
Do not expand into green belt but only use brownfield sites and infill plots. Most essential to retain village.
Keep the village & parish green
I would like Shenley to go back to its roots as a village. No green areas left.
We need affordable homes for the younger generation.
Shenley is being overdeveloped and parking is not being considered when planning. Newcome Road is being used for overflow car park for other villages, so that means I can not get a parking space outside my own home.
Keep the greenbelt in Hertsmere, its what makes it great
No more developments - this is meant to be a village
There is no need to ruin existing green belt areas that are of close sceneric beauty to homes that have had a long history of looking onto such "Beauty". However, I do understand there is a call for housing stock, this can be met by using Brownfield, exessive large gardens, green belt that is not close to homes.
My concern is mainly related to increased traffic that more housing will bring. Harper Lane is already horrific with juggernauts speeding to and from the M25. The new rail terminal will see another huge increase, plus the proposed housing development at Harperbury Hospital will see even more vehicles using Harper Lane.
Who gives permission/makes decisions about cutting down trees? i.e. Pound Lane. Notice given/reason? New property going up? If so far too crowded area.
Shenley is a village. The only remaining one of a few. Large Housing would ruin the peace and quiet and put up Bills and crime. Transport, insurance will all go up. And Traffic would destroy village atmosphere. More schools, shops, etct.
Would like more affordable first time homes, or shared ownership opportunities in Shenley or near by.
Legislation does not permit planning authorities to insist that new development comprise lower cost housing only, so the plan should not compromise its credibility by advocating this.
No building on green belt please.
As sad as it would be to build a development on current greenbelt, it would be the only way to keep the parish looking tidy from additional cars, people, and hotch potch properties popping up that would spoil the visual of the village.
We moved to Shenley as we wanted to live in a green non built up area, It would be a huge dissapointment to see this change!
Please bear in mind the added strain on doctors surgeries, schools, road traffic etc as this does not seem to be mentioned at all.
The problem today for the housing market is for the first time buyers finding it difficult to get into the housing ladder. Even a small 2-bed flat in Shenley area going to cost £400k so it is better more housing is bult outside M25 and develope transport systems so first time buyers can be given more housing options where they can afford to buy.
I love the 'green' Shenley but am equally upset at lack of houses available in a decent price range for hard working young families that need 3 beds. I feel we will have to move out of the area to get space + affordability. 🙁
I would like more right to buy/affordable 1st time buyer schemes available in Shenley. The properties (such as mine) can be renovated and given to new housing tenants.
Shenley needs more affordable housing for people like myself who have lived in the village over 20 years and would find it difficult to relocate away from family, friends and safety.
I heard we have to build 300+ hundred houses - why can't somewhere like Ridge take them - with Porters Park we have had our fair share already
Re Q21: Definitely, that's what makes Shenley so beautiful]
Keep the village feel
The roads of Shenley are at capacity and, during rush hour, arguably overloaded. Any additional housing in Shenley (or even close to Shenley) MUST acknowledge and address that, although given that the current roads cannot be widened, and new roads cannot be built across the Green Belt, that alone may make development unfeasibly, especially at any scale. Shenley is fairly unique in Hertsmere (and certainly rare within the M25) in that it's big enough to support a number of shops, restaurants and other facilities, while still retaining its rural feel. People come from other parts of Hertsmere to enjoy the countryside, park and other amenities. Additional development around the village would jeopardise that unique feel, and Hertsmere risks losing a beautiful asset in the process.
The beauty of Shenley is it's green spaces and walks, especially around Cow Banks wood and the fields around Porters Park Estate and Shenley Park. Also the village does not have the infrastructure to cope with more residents. It would become even more difficult to get a doctors appointment, where would the children go to school? we only have a primary school in Shenley. What about the roads and congestion?
I love the greenery in the village but I feel if smaller developments are built then the village will start to look crowded. I would prefer a large development with its own schools/doctors etc.
We should insist that walkways and bridlepaths remain for safe walking, jogging and bike paths. Also ESSENTIAL that infrastructure is upgraded in advance of new population increase - e.g. Road network, drainage, public transport and amenities
More affordable but not social housing for first time buyers £400,000 - £450,000 range. We would be unlikely to afford to buy in Shenley as a first time home buyer with no help to buy scheme.
A lot more needs to be done to make cycling safe around Shenley, especially on the roads from Shenley to Borehamwood and Shenley to Radlett.
Concerns about traffic. The houses are increasing but the roads are not getting wider. This is already affecting people. How will it be like in the future.
If you add the amount t of houses they want around us, will they give us a fire station and amenities to go with all these houses? How would it benefit us to agree with them?
There are too many houses being built - not enough school places, buses or conveniences.
Unless we do build affordable flats our young will have nowhere to live, so despite wanting to preserve the "village" its important to think of the next generation... not just well off, lucky, older generations.
NO more affordable housing / council housing
It is too expensive and there is no decent parking. The local shops and other community facilities are inadequate.
There is no more room or infrastructure in Shenley for future building. Your survey only asked me to rank from 1-5 my most and least preferable building sites. If given a choice, I would say NO MORE BUILDING in Shenley. The roads cannot cope, there is not enough local schooling and nothing for yound people to do here which ultimately is increasing the local crime rate!
Over the past ten years Shenley has had a considerable amount of new homes built. ie Bonsai Garden Centre & Queen Adelaide etc. This is having a detrimental effect on Shenley as a village and any more houses will ruin the village. All the building of new homes that are being built do not take into consideration other factors ie schools over subscribed, Drs unable to get appointments & the state of roads when the builders leave costing the tax payer money to repair them.
We've had Porters Park, we shouldn't be considered for more large scale development.
Village feel of Shenley is a huge part of the appeal. Local shops will struggle if more housing goes up as will school and main road.
Good quality family homes needed.
Improved access to Radlett by walking/cycling on a wide pavement or off road route would be great as a requirement for planning permission.
Schools, Doctors are already over subscribed. There is no local activity for kids and transport facilities are almost non existent- especially for kids trying to get to secondary school!
In experience most housing developments are not affordable or offered 1st to local residence or their families. All for profit and investment housing should not be allowed on our green belt.
Don't destroy the beauty of Shenley by building on green spaces.
I feel the rent and mortgages are very high around this area. We have very little shops so have to travel either by car or bus to go places.
Please do not build any more houses until you have the infrastructure to support it, specifically schools, but also including healthcare services, transport, roads etc. It is unacceptable not to consider and plan for this infrastructure prior to building more houses.
Q19: I think to define a large house by the number of bedrooms does not provide an accurate picture - there are houses with loft conversions providing extra bedrooms which are not large houses, likewise there are 3 bed houses with a larger overall footage. Footage should define "large".
[Q19: Large also relates to the scale of development. What the village doesn't need is any more of the housing type built on the Garden Nursery site (i.e. next to the White Horse) - dreadful - could be anywhere. In contrast, the development at the end of the village respects the semi-rural nature of the village + its setting.] [Q21: But: You cannot necessarily achieve this if you accept that any of the options set out above will occur. Inevitably, development will result in the loss of some 'green' nature.] A balance will have to be struck between meeting development needs + retaining the green nature of the village. The Neighbourhood Plan could identify which 'Green' areas it considers adds the most value to the village and why; what is its role and nature and what benefits does it bring to character + local distinctiveness. Areas of less importance may even be considered for development. Areas with either an acknowledged heritage or nature conservation interest should be prioritised for retention.
As the largest occupied area is porters park/shenleybury any further housing we have to take on should not be in that area or close by. Over populated and most use of greenbelt should be protected. As the M25 end has an imbalance of recent social housing including traveler site we would protest against any further social housing in this area either side of black lion hill or Shenleybury. Especially as there are vast fields available near ridge or borehamwood/well end. Social housing should be spread and not one large group away from others. Also any 'social housing' should reflect our needs for starter homes for residents. Either rent or part buy. There should be rules to stop purchasing then letting at high rents. There are a number of new developements of up to 5 five bedroom houses going up already around rectory lane therefore these areas could be utilised for projects or a few smaller developments. These areas should be considered fully as developers have shown they will build there. Gristwood & toms should be considered fully if they are willing to sell and not discounted Please ensure the survey results are representative of the whole of the parish and make further efforts in particular areas if no surveys received in order that results are fair. Please publish spread of responces Well done on all the hard work. Much appreciated.
Shenley is already being developed from a lovely peaceful village into a town with very little infrastructure to cope. Please leave it as it is
If more housing is planned then more public transport, GP surgeries, youth clubs, sports facilities need to be provided - insufficient at present
Please please keep as much green belt as possible.
Porters Park alone has over 900 residences, it is irresponsible that this densely populated urban area has not been designated a 'Smoke Control Area'. The smoke pollution is unacceptable and seriously affects the quality of life and health of residents and is increasing year on year due to uncontrolled 'trends' (ie wood burners). It is of upmost importance that this issue be addressed urgently BEFORE any consideration is given to additional homes in Shenley.
Greenbelt must remain greenbelt. Build housing on field next to Tescos.
I think we need to determine if Shenley is sustainable. One of its attractions is that it has key local facilities. Doctor, dentist pharmacist, post office, pub, restaurant, tea room etc. Do these businesses think we are too small a village to support them, and so should grow to maintain their viability? We expanded a lot in the last 25 years. How many children will a village this size have? I think we could easily support our 2.5 forms of primary education, and nursery schools? However no account has been taken of the previous expansion. Local schools forecasts show that Shenley lacks local secondary schools. Hertswood school will be over-scribed as Borehamwood has a deficit of places. There is no provision of transport to schools further afield. We already have more housing planned for Harperbury, which will make a bad situation worse. There needs to be additional LOCAL provision before Radlett, Borehamwood / Shenley expand. History shows us that even when we are told a local secondary school will be built it does not happen. I have a copy of the survey of sites ( two of which were Shenley) Local CC policy is to build schools on on the edge of the towns. Sustainability, emissions congestion etc all point to new housing to being located by schools. I think there should be a "line in the sand" no local Secondary school with associate sports facilities available nor public use, not further development. I realise this is not the transport survey, but where are additional people who live here going to work? If it is by train would people not prefer to be on the edge of Radlett or Borehamwood where there are stations. If you have to drive to the station where do you park as the car park is already full. Can there be expansion of the car parking to alleviate this issue? If it is by car, then is the M25 junction going to be improved. It can not handle today's peak traffic.. How much spare capacity is there on other local roads. I experience queues on Shenley Hill in Radlett, Harpur lane. Etc Finally back to leisure facilities. Radlett, Shenley, Ridge lack leisure facilities, and bringing more people in with out this does not meet the described intent of the "garden villages" If there is development then I think there is also a question of look feel size etc that should be in keeping with the area. "Market forces will seek profit maximisation, likely luxury developments with premium prices v sensible modist housing. Finally in my view we need to retain mixed housing and not put "affordable housing" pushed in one corner of the development.
Shenley has more than enough housing given how many have been built in the last 25 years. The village has expanded dramatically.
Needs more variety of style. Lower cost homes for young people leaving homes. Sheltered accommodation for elderly. Plots made available for self build to local residents. Policy of solar panels + other renewal (wind) energy.
Please keep Shenley the lovely haven it is now. It is a lovely village, do not overdevelop it like Radlett. Twenty years ago Radlett was lovely too, don't let Shenley go the same.
Worried about extent of development on Porters Park - especially expansion of 3 bed homes into 4 beds = hurting pipeline of houses for young people + families. Should definitely be focusing on building properties 1-3 bedrooms.
At 20) We marked 4 as the one from extremely bad idea of planning --> there is really no acceptable form of development that we would consider suitable - Please think of future generations + the legacy we would leave them by concreting over this island. [In email box: We don't need to do this but will keep a close eye on developments!!]
Just moved to Shenley! Love it! We want to never leave!
Try to keep Shenley as it is
The virtually abandoned Napsbury Hospital is a perfect place to redevelop in Harper Lane.
• You should have included a question on whether I plan to apply to extend my property rather than just leave/not leave. • Knowledge & understanding of planning policy among the parish and borough councils and councillors need to significantly improve to ensure robust, evidence-based decisions are taken. All decisions must be lawful - exceptions have occurred recently over infilling, leading to unlawful development.
Love Shenley. Please be gentle with it.
There should be no further development in Shenley. Shenley has seen development over 20 years (ie Porters Park) and if it was to continue, it would start to lose not only its charm + character but its rural country feeling. Not only that its infrastructure will start to be affected.
The Issues and Options consultation is very confusing. The questions for comment seem to be separate from the plan and it's hard to match them up,
The local infrastructure could not cope with a large influx of people
No more expansion of the village - keep the green belt - only build on existing site
Would be really good to have single storey small homes (flats with lift/bungalows) for downsizers/older people.
There have recently been housing build that must have cost lot of money. We don't need anymore!rose
Noise within area. Dogs barking all day and night, house alarms not attend, left to sound. Lack of police in Shenley. Motor bike being ridden by youths. Push bike all over the pavement. Nice location going downhill - no standards.
Retaining the village character of Shenley is very important, protecting and enhancing the countryside, the walks and existing housing developments with the introduction of Conservation status. Any new development should be to the highest design standards with sufficient parking.
Green belt must be protected for future generations. Brownfield redevelopment is acceptable.
We have just moved to Shenley one month ago. We chose it for its wonderful surrounding countryside and village community. Would be devastated if the green belt was built up.
Larger development on current green belt land' option: No way, we love the country walks/views. Would cycle more if safer ways were available.
Q20: Sorry, but all of these plans sound horrendous!
There are not enough school places or doctor's surgery appointments to cover an influx of residents within Shenley, they are already stretched.
Shenley was a lovely village. We DO NOT need any more housing as the village is slowly disappearing. NO MORE HOUSING please.
There is, and has been for 20 yrs, a need for reasonably priced retirement properties in Shenley. Building has either been over-priced for the VERY wealthy, or yet more social housing with troublesome families. Retired people on a middle income want to be away from families in terraces or flats. Hertsmere council take no notice of these survey as proven by the fact that have permitted more expensive housing in the village, apart from a few social houses for young families on benefits and nothing for self-supporting retirees.
We need for an ageing population some more 1/2 bedroom cottages, bungalows etc within this Shenley area.
Again I think Shenley needs decent, private flats
Very concerned about possible plans for large local areas of new build. Do we have the infrastructure to support this? How do we know promises will be fulfilled. King Charles Rd is too narrow - no room for cars to park either side or a fire engine to get through. Some households have 4 cars now & have converted garages. Original plans showed trees/footpath at the back of our house which were never made so we are more overlooked than we are supposed to be.
On question 21 - yes we need to keep the village as a village but perhaps not the surrounding Green Belt. The Green Belt used to be fields but now they are full of building materials, football grounds and highway maintenance equipment. I would like to see a well laid out housing development with wide roads, adequate gardens, plenty of trees and sufficient parking.
We moved recently (2 1/2 years) ago from Radlett as we downsized + could not find anything in Radlett. Shenley is lucky to have a good mix of all types of homes - Do not let it become like Radlett - only big homes, + small houses knocked down and rebuild large.
We would like to see Shenley retain its village character. No building in Shenley Park or existing open spaces.
There is such a need for housing everywhere I would not mind a little bit of greenbelt used for new housing (social housing) only.
Could you have a bakery
With ref to 20) above any development will require adequate infrastructure expansion.
We do not require any more housing. The roads are too busy, the one school is not enough and the drs have too many patients. Keep Shenley as a village.
As someone who walks daily around Shenley I feel strongly that Shenley Park & its surrounding fields & farmland should be kept.
If we have any say I think Shenley is fine the way it is, we will suddenly become a suburb of Borehamwood if constant building keeps happening
Need to retain the "villageness"in Shenley.
Tasteful development doesn't mean it will destroy the green nature of Shenley. Road infrastructure must be improved to support additional housing, esp. Rectory Lane.
Acceptability for new homes depends on the proposed site. For example what's happening to old hospital site that was going to be a school along Harper Lane? Ideal to develop. Also prefer housing on other side of Harper Lane than a large unwanted commercial development which would bring chaos to area + devalue Shenley homes + quality of life.
Need for bungalows/small houses for older people. New school to accommodate extra children if large house build. Restrict build height to grond/first floor.
Please allocate housing to people of good character. Shenley spoilt in the last 20 years by residents of certain roads.
The present development of properties in Shenley is enough. We do not need any more houses built, otherwise the character of the village of Shenley will change forever.
Shenley does not have the infrastructure to cope with further developments around the village.
I don't like the village being plunged into total darkness at midnight. I pay more council tax than other areas who retain light through the night
It would be a shame to lose the village feel of Shenley. I would hate to see it merge into Borehamwood or Colney, and lose its identity.
Q20 Ranked larger development 5 assuming it means this side of the M25. Rank 1 if only the other side.
It would be amazing if a good sports centre was available in Shenley. Not good use of the environment to drive to sports/gym facilities.
Any future developments should not compromise the village or community feel of Shenley. It is important to not underestimate the increase in traffic caused by development around the village. The roads would need to be properly upgraded (or even a bypass built) before larger developments are approved.
It seems that LA's will only be happy when the whole of G.B. is covered over.
Please, no large developments
Shenley as it is is absolutely full with added homes for people utilising estates, for lesser well off tenants all is provided for such tenants and as such the area is acceptable totally
Queensway is a road always overlooked. Trees and boundary bushes never dealt with making the road so untidy. Surely the farmer who uses the field should prune back annually
If housing is to be increased, so must infrastructure: i.e. buses, schools etc.
Shenley was originally approx 600 houses. The hospital site (Porters Park) added 1000 houses, plus other developments ie the garden centre, Black Lion etc. A small village is turning into a small town without all the amenities of a small town. I think Shenley has contributed enough to the housing needs of Herts. Enough is enough!!
I have lived in Shenley since 1971. Last year I was lucky enough to downsize and stay in Shenley. In my close there are just 4 houses specifically built for the over 55's. As far as I know these are the only houses in the village built for this age group.
Moved to Shenley from a lovely waterside development on the south coast. Because of people that came into our development from a large nearby estate, large iron fences were erected which realy did not keep them out. Had wanton damage to back brick wall on a reacuring basis. Would want high standards of Shenley maintained.
Would prefer not to see large extensions added to smaller properties
I wish you well but am not optimistic. We sometimes feel that this is the "lesser" end of the village. Previous development hasn't given us cause for optimism.
Suggest very longterm plan for new housing - say between the Harperbury Hospital building site + the Porters Park housing area - therefore adequate time for planning the infrastructure necessary for such increase in housing.
When Porters Park was developed the builders were told to put shrubs in the whole estate. Unfortunately there was no thought of who was to pay for the up keep of the shrubs, which have now overgrown in every street. The grass is cut but nothing is done for the shrubs? which now hangs over most gardens, especially mine which I have been complaining about since 1/10/2015 the last call was made 5/9/2017
I understand the need for housing but the danger of developing places like Shenley is you lose the village feel and it becomes yet another characterless town with no or little community spirit. Also more cars make life more crowded + noisy. This is why we are moving!
There are sufficient brown field sites which MUST be developed before any consideration is given to using green field sites, whether in the green belt or not
Parking problems no new constructions take into account visitor parking.
I have seen building of new homes using the "normal" "old methods". Cheaper ways must be found using steel, interlocking pre-cast blocks, etc. Need to invent ways to build cheaper houses for first-time buyers. That you for doing this survey! Great idea!!

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