Shenley Parish News – January 2018

Vol 37 No 1 – January 2018

Come and See

The start of the year is a time of new resolutions and fresh resolve for the things we hope for and dream about. It is often the time we re-motivate to become our fitter-healthier-more reconciled selves.

Jesus asks his first disciples ‘What do you want?’ (John 1:38).

As we delve into this new year, Jesus’ question is a good one to consider answering for ourselves. What do I want?

So often we can look to other people and places to be the answer to ‘what we want’. I am aware of John the Baptist’s invitation to look at Jesus (John 1:29). John is baptising people in the local lake and, on seeing Jesus, he exclaims, ‘Look!’ Look closely. Really look. It’s Jesus – our rescuer, the One who can hold our hopes and dreams.

So how do we know where to look or how to recognise Jesus today? I think we can quickly say we know who Jesus is. ‘You know, Jesus – yes, he’s the baby born in Bethlehem’. Or even – ‘he is the one who died on a cross’. But I
am left wondering do we truly know him? Do we know him as the one who invites us to join his story? Do we know him as the one who, as we turn to him, hears our cry and rescues us?

So returning to Jesus’ question…what do we want? Security, a promotion, peace, reconciliation of broken relationships, to be healthier? There will be many answers to this question. The first disciples respond to this question by asking Jesus where he lives. They wanted to get to know Jesus. Jesus’ response was ‘Come…and you will see’ (John 1:39).

Jesus invites the disciples, and he invites us, to come and see. To come and see who he is.

As a friend of Jesus, I have found that He is the answer to my question of what I want. Where I am low in resolve and motivation, as I spend time looking at who Jesus is, I find that the question of what I want finds fulfilment. I warmly invite you this New Year, to join together with us at St Martin’s to look, and to look again, at who Jesus really is.

Revd Ann Poultney
Curate at St Martin’s

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