Shenley Parish News – November 2017

Vol 36 No 11 – November 2017


Over the years, November has become the month for remembering, with the Christian celebration of All Saints Day and All Souls Day at the beginning of the month, followed by Guy Fawkes Night on 5th November and then
Remembrance Day. It seems as if, with the putting of the clocks back by one hour at the end of October, we become drawn into looking to the past. As the darkness begins to encroach into the middle of the afternoon, we become
more reflective and our memories are reawakened. We remember past events in our own lives and in those of our nation.

For all of us there will be memories that bring us joy, a smile to our face and even make us laugh out loud; those that make us feel ashamed; and others that bring great sadness. Some of us need healing from or reconciling with
the events of the past. For others, memories have enabled lessons to be learnt and become a catalyst for change.
Jesus, through his teaching and actions, showed people that God is compassionate and knows us, forgives us and loves us despite our cracks and crevices. When memories are painful, you may find it helpful to use the
following prayer from Sri Lanka:

Holy Spirit, Spirit of the Living God,
breathe in us, on all that is inadequate and fragile.
make living water spring even from our hurts themselves
and transform the valley of fears into a place of wellsprings,
in an inner life with neither beginning nor end,
may your continual presence make new freshness break through.

Revd Ali Facey

Shenley Methodist Church

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