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May 2018 Report

Summer has arrived in Shenley, it’s a beautiful time of year so let’s get out there and enjoy everything that Shenley has to offer from the outdoor gym equipment to the children’s play area and the local eateries.

We are delighted that our dedicated PCSO’s are on top of the anti-social behaviour in the Village but to make sure that it doesn’t return and to assist them we have now acquired a second CCTV camera. If you are in an area that you feel has been attracting anti-social behaviour then get in touch and we will discuss with the PCSO about relocating the one of our cameras to monitor and catch the individuals in action.

We are nearing the end of the preparation of our Neighbourhood Plan and we are holding a public meeting on 7th June to launch the first draft. The meeting is being held in The Chapel and starts at 6.30pm with the presentation starting at 7.30pm. Please do your best to attend as this is your opportunity to influence how out Village will look in the future.

Again Action for a Cleaner Shenley has been working tirelessly to improve the look of our Village and have been again focussing on litter collection. Look at the posts on Facebook and you will be amazed by the not only the amount of rubbish that people discard but also by what they discard! Thanks again to the Community Payback Scheme, who this time have been working on improving the Pond area next to The Cage by repainting the posts and rails.

We have also after just finished installing subtle lighting at The Pond not only to enhance the area and also to “show off” The Cage and Broadwalk.

The Seniors summer trip has now been finalised and we will be visiting Windsor on Monday 16 th July.
If you are interested in going then please let the Clerk know.

Recently the responsibility of grass cutting of the verges and common areas has passed from Hertsmere to Hertfordshire County Council. As you would have guessed it would be impossible for the transition to be smooth and faultless and as such it lived up to our expectations! You will have noticed that the verges were sadly neglected until the right people were kicked and the next day they were cut. Apparently, an admin error meant we fell off the bottom of the schedule, lets hope that in the future we are not so neglected.

As I informed you last month one of our Councillors has resigned as he has moved out of the area. For all the years that I can remember we have endeavoured to run the Parish Council as a non-political organisation and just focussed on what was in the best interests of the Village. This meant when we previously had vacancies candidates were invited to apply for the post and they were selected on the basis of what they could offer to the Village and not on the basis of which political party they were affiliated to.

Unfortunately this time ten villagers have signed a letter that has requested an election for the vacancy; this will involve the expense of approx. £5,000 to hold the election that will be for a post that will need to be re-elected again in May next year along with all of the other council positions. I am all for democracy, which is why we have four yearly elections, but at this local level it’s not about politics it’s about the Village. As it is quite a substantial amount of money that we had not budgeted for there maybe one or two things we can’t do this year that we had planned, so I do apologise in advance for this.

For years it has annoyed me that there was water flooding onto Radlett Lane between the top of the Road and The Shenley Park entrance after many calls and meetings I was delighted to see last week that they had dug the road up and sorted the problem. I am not convinced though that this has resolved the water issue outside Winifred Cottages but let’s give it a few weeks and see.

See you all soon and have a great Summer

Councillor William Susman
Chairman – Shenley Parish Council

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