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TUESDAY, 6 FEBRUARY 2018 – Shenley Parish Meeting Minutes



PRESENT: Councillors Nicky Beaton, Rosemary Gilligan, Helen Hussain, Gavin O’Sullivan, *Anthony Spencer, William Susman (Chair) and *County Councillor Morris Bright.

  • In attendance:            Amanda Leboff, Clerk to the Council

(* Denotes attended for only part of the meeting)


111/17.         Apologies for Absence.

Apologies for absence were submitted from Councillor Annette Edel, Robert Perlmutter and Peter Wayne


112/17.                     Declarations of Interests

PERSONAL – Councillors Gilligan, Spencer and Susman declared a personal interest in the item concerning Shenley Park Trust.



113/17                      Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 2nd January 2018

RESOLVED that the minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council meeting, held on 2nd January 2018 be confirmed as a correct record, and signed by Cllr Susman and adopted by the Council.


114/17.                     Review of Action Plan from above meetings

The Action plan was NOTED.


115/17.         Questions by residents of Shenley Parish

The Chairman welcomed the residents present to the meeting and invited them to address the meeting.


Mr and Mrs Treacher together with Dr Ramani addressed the meeting regarding the sale by Hertfordshire County Councils of areas of common land. One such area in Well End has now been fenced off and cannot be accessed by members of the public which goes against common land. Dr Ramani emphasised his concerns regarding the length of time enforcement of common land will take.


Following a lengthy discussion County Councillor Morris Bright confirmed that he has been in touch with Mrs Treacher and is awaiting an answer for Hertfordshire County Council regarding the issue of common land.  The response will be received by 09/02/18.


The Parish Council AGREED to wait for County Councillor Bright’s response before they take action.


Mr and Mrs Midson addressed the meeting regarding speeding along Black Lion Hill, which is an ongoing issue.


Following a discussion it was AGREED that the Clerk would chase Hertfordshire Highways department concerning the smiling traffic sign and also request an additional sign for Black Lion Hill past the Tesco roundabout on the way down Black Lion Hill, as well as the traffic survey.  It was also requested that a BEWARE CONCEALED ENTRANCE sign be erected near the Midson’s home.  It was also suggested that there should be a double white line to prevent overtaking and that the speed of traffic be reduced to past Clore Shalom School to 30mph. County Councillor Bright emphasised that expectations need to be realistic in what can be achieved.  Perhaps there is a possibility to decrease the speed of traffic during school hours.


Finally residents of Ribston Close addressed the meeting concerning planning application 17/2444/HSE. The application increases the 4 bedroom property to a 6 bedroom property and the neighbours feel this is overpowering and will change the street scene.  The proposed plans include an increase of the garden which is parallel to the bridleway and the new suggested parking will adversely affect neighbours.


Councillor Spencer said he would call this in to the planning committee to be discussed.


It was at this point that County Councillor Morris Bright was asked questions concerning Hertsmere’s local plan.  Councillors Beaton and Gilligan stressed extreme concern about the housing numbers being proposed by Hertsmere Borough Council (HBC), as the Government figures are 3,720 and HBC are proposing around 9,000 homes.  Councillor Bright explained that a different methodology had been used to achieve the numbers due to the age of the Hertsmere Borough Council’s Core Strategy.  The number of houses will be confirmed in March.  Councillor Bright emphasised that HBC do not want to build 9,000 homes in Hertsmere.


Councillor Beaton asked about the suggestion that 1,000 will be built across Shenley and Elstree, with in fact most of these being built in Shenley.  Councillor Bright informed the meeting that 100 possible sites are being reviewed and no decisions have been made.


Councillor Beaton said how disappointed the representatives of the Parish Council had been when they attended a meeting with HBC following the Neighbourhood Plan letter that was sent the HBC, only to be told that no questions would be answered. Councillor Bright emphasised that regular contact is needed between all parties concerned.


Councillor Bright went on to stress several more points. 

Infrastructure is important when reviewing the possible site.

HBC public consultation has only just happened

The preferred site options will not be available till October 2018

The plans will be produced in 2019

The examination period will happen in 2020

The local plan will be adopted in 2021


Councillor Bright stressed that the release of the Green Belt will only happen if it is essential.  He is happy to provide regular updates for the Parish Council and is happy to be copied into correspondence and help where he can. The Chairman and those present thanked the County Councillor for his time.


The chairman thanked everyone for attending and invited them to say for the duration of the meeting if they wished.


116/17.         Reports of Committee, Members and Clerk

(i)                Question from resident regarding extending the Christmas Lights

Councillor Susman informed the meeting that 4 additional lamps along Porters Park Drive will be used this year as 4 of the usual lamppost columns cannot be used. Councillor Susman will inform the resident. Following a discussion it was decided that we would not extend the lights along Porters Park Drive.


(ii)              Website – Update on using an outside company

The Clerk informed the meeting that she was getting quotes from companies to redo the website which will then need to be maintained in house


(iii)            GDPR – update

The Clerk informed the meeting that she was speaking to the internal auditor about becoming our GDPR officer


(iv)            Hertsmere Local Plan – Update

See point 115/17


(v)              Neighbourhood Plan – Update

Councillor Beaton informed the meeting that the next Steering Group meeting will be on 20/2/18 and will be focusing on the results from the Housing and Development Questionnaire.


(vi)            Pond Lights

Councillor Susman updated the meeting on what AGA Bioengineering have quoted with regards to the pond lights as well as the maintenance of the woodwork.  See point 119/17 (v)


(vii)          Pursley Field – Update

Nothing to report


(viii)        Harris Lane/Rookery Field

Councillor Susman informed the meeting that the goal hoop is now in place in Harris Lane and is being used.


(ix)            Allotments

Nothing to report


(x)              Shenley Fete

Cllr Beaton informed the meeting that the stall bookings are going well and the date of the Fete is 01/07/18.


(xi)            Media Committee

The website has been updated and Shenley Village Matters is due to go the printers for the end of the week.


(xii)          CSP

Nothing to report.


(xiii)        Police  – Safer Neighbourhood Newsletter

Information was noted.


(xiv)        Shenley Park Trust

The AGM will be taking place on Monday 26th March at 7.30pm in the tea rooms


(xv)          Review of workload

This will be reviewed at the March meeting.



117/17.         Correspondence

(i)                Receipt of the following correspondence was reported and noted:

Hertfordshire Victim Care Centre Information for victims- booklet available to view at meeting
Hertfordshire County Council Traffic & Transport data report 2017 – available to view at meeting


118/17.         Planning Applications

The following planning applications were before the meeting. The meeting AGREED that;

(1)        Subject to Hertsmere Borough Council taking into consideration any comments of neighbouring owners/occupiers, the Parish Council raises no objection to the following proposal.

Application No. Address Proposed Development
18/0065/FUL Keepers Lodge Rectory Lane Shenley Hertfordshire Construction of detached 2 storey 4 bed residential dwelling following

Demolition of existing residential dwelling.

18/0012/HSE 18 Southerton Way, Shenley, Hertfordshire, WD7 9LJ Description: single storey rear extension
17/2467/HSE 22 Woodhall Lane Shenley Hertfordshire WD7 9AT Erection of two storey side extension, single storey rear extension and Outbuilding to rear garden.
17/2473/HSE 55 Greenwood Gardens, Shenley, Hertfordshire, WD7 9LF Single storey rear extension
17/2453/CLP 37 Greenwood Gardens Shenley Hertfordshire WD7 9LF Erection of single storey rear conservatory. Certificate of lawful development (proposed).
17/2417/FUL University College London Sports Ground And Watford Football Club Training

Ground Bell Lane London Colney Hertfordshire

Installation of temporary pitch cover/inflatable dome
*18/0166/CLP 110 London Road Shenley Hertfordshire WD7 9BS Conversion of garage to habitable room to include new window in front elevation. (Certificate of Lawful Development – Proposed)
*18/0138/HSE 11 Trafford Close Shenley Hertfordshire WD7 9HU Conversion of loft to habitable room including rear dormer


With regards to;

17/2477/FUL Villa Scalabrini Green Street Shenley Hertfordshire Construction of a 2 storey rear extension to include a basement level to Provide a hydro pool and physio room at ground floor and 4 additional

Bedrooms at 1st and 2nd floor levels, and first floor rear extension to create a new dining area.

The meeting did NOT object to the application, however this would be subject to flood risk.


With regards to;

17/2484/HSE 27 Fielders Way Shenley Hertfordshire WD7 9EY First floor front extension; conversion of garage into habitable room and Single storey rear extension.

The meeting did NOT object to the application, however did question the parking compliance.


With regards to;

17/2494/OUT Land North Of Potters Lane Borehamwood Hertfordshire Outline planning application for the erection of 58 dwellings to include access And layout. (all other matters reserved)

The meeting did NOT object to the application, however the meeting did stress that this had been an area identified for future development as part of the Shenley Neighbourhood Plan and therefore would request the 58 houses are taken from the total for the Shenley housing allocation


With regards to;

17/2493/OUT Land Off Cowley Hill Borehamwood Hertfordshire Outline planning application for the provision of a 2 form entry primary school To include access (all other matters reserved).

The meeting did NOT object to the application, however the meeting did question the distance of the school from the Elstree way Corridor which forms its catchment area.


With regards to;

17/2458/HSE 47 North Avenue Shenley Hertfordshire WD7 9DF Part single, part two storey rear extension and installation of solar panels to Rear pitch.

The meeting OBJECTED to this application on the grounds that:-

  • The development is too large
  • The development is not in keeping with the street scene


With regards to;

17/2459/HSE 45 North Avenue Shenley Hertfordshire WD7 9DF Part single, part two storey rear extension

The meeting OBJECTED to this application on the grounds that:-

  • The development is too large
  • The development is not in keeping with the street scene


With regards to;

17/2444/HSE 23 Ribston Close Shenley Hertfordshire WD7 9JW Conversion of garage to habitable room; ground and first floor side Extensions. Erection of storage unit in rear garden.

The meeting OBJECTED to this application on the grounds that:-

  • The development is too large
  • The development is not in keeping with the Green Belt
  • The development is not in keeping with the street scene
  • The proposed development will effect neighbours parking
  • The proposed increase of the garden will have a negative effect on the parallel bridleway.


With regards to;

17/2518/HSE 6 Old Nursery Close Shenley Hertfordshire WD7 9FD Single storey side and rear extension to include reduction in size of existing Car port, and cladding to first floor front elevation.

The meeting OBJECTED to this application as Permitted Development Rights have been removed and the owners would have been aware of this when they purchased the property.


(i)Other planning matters were noted, and

(ii)The council instructs the Clerk to advise Hertsmere Borough Council accordingly.

(*Denotes that at this point, the Council moved to discuss planning applications which had been brought to its attention at the meeting. They were proposed and seconded.)


119/17.         Financial matters

(I)                 Accounts for payment –January 2018 meeting

Payment To Reason Total Amount
William Susman Reimburse for Christmas event 71.45
Fay Gough Cleaning toilet, office (December payment) 32.00
Bob Gough Grounds Maintenance  10th & 11th cuts (December payment) 768.00
Mrs Amanda Leboff Reimburse thank you gifts 149.00
John O’Conner November grounds maintenance 144.00
Shenley Methodist Church Hire of Village Hall – NP = £7, SPC = £14 21.00
E.ON The Cage 10.27
E.ON Harris Lane Pavilion 143.89
Mrs Amanda Leboff Wages 1087.72
HMRC Payment 212.58
Mrs Amanda Leboff Reimburse monthly Xero payment 32.40
BT Office phone and broadband (October bill) 84.51
Royal British Legion 6 x Event poppies 48.00
PC Express Annual PC support and maintenance 126.00
Hertfordshire CCTV partnership Spur on Porters Park Drive (column 39) 216.00
Fay Gough Cleaning toilet, office (January payment) 40.00
Bob Gough Grounds Maintenance  12th & 13th cuts (January payment) 768.00
Waverley Driving Group Donation as way of a thank you for taking Santa around Shenley 150.00
Maine Business Systems PLC Repair to photocopier 114.00
TOTAL 4218.82


Following a proposal and seconder, it was:-

RESOLVED that at the February 2018 meeting, accounts for January 2018 (£4,218.82), be approved for payment.

(II)             Following a proposal and seconder, it was:-RESOLVED that the monthly budget monitoring report be approved.

(III)           Following a proposal and seconder, it was:-RESOLVED that the monthly petty cash report be approved

(IV)           Section 137 Grant Requests: –

Clore Shalom Primary School request for £1,312.50 to help towards the cost of swimming coach expenses (£1,260.00 given in 2017, £1,000 given in 2015 and 2016)

Following a proposer and a seconder it was RESOLVED to approve a donation of £1,312.50.

(V)             Pond lighting quote enclosed = £3346 + VAT including repairs to the board walk.

Following a proposer and a seconder it was RESOLVED to approve the quote of £3,346 + VAT


120/17.         The meeting ended at 9.35p.m.                                           Chairman




provision action by action
Planning Applications Letter to Hertsmere Borough Council advising of the Council’s opinions. Clerk ACTIONED
Christmas Lights Contact residents regarding Christmas lights Cllr Susman ACTIONED
Police Ask Police to attend Council meeting Clerk ACTIONED
Website Clerk to confirm quotes Clerk ASAP
GDPR Clerk to get quote from Internal Auditor Clerk ACTIONED
Black Lion Hill Email highways regarding possibilities available Clerk ACTIONED
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