Shenley Parish

Tue 19th September 2017 – Finance Committee Meeting Minutes


PRESENT:      Councillors Nicky Beaton, Rosemary Gilligan, Helen Hussain, Gavin O’Sullivan and William Susman (Chair).

IN ATTENDANCE:     Amanda Leboff, Clerk to the Council


There were none


There were none


It was AGREED that the minutes of the Finance Committee Meeting, held on 20th June 2017 be confirmed as a correct record.


There were no matters arising


The meeting agreed that the Community payback scheme is working very well and we should continue with the current weekly arrangement for the foreseeable future.  It was AGREED the clerk would write a letter of thanks to Alex at Café in the Orchard for the teas and coffees he supplies.  It was also agreed we should ask if he wants paying for this moving forward.


Following a discussion it was AGREED that Cllr Gilligan would contact Fin Log to ask for a quote and what options are available regarding replacing the current pavilion.


The meeting AGREED that it would be a good idea to offer holiday activities for the children in Shenley.  The Clerk will ask Hertsmere Borough Council about their scheme and the possibility of Shenley being included.


Following a discussion and the agreement that the current CCTV camera has been a great success, it was AGREED the clerk would contact Stevenage CCTV and ask the cost of a second camera and what would be required of the Parish Council in order to secure it.


The meeting closed at 8.30pm                                                                    CHAIR

Shenley Parish

Tue 5th September – Shenley Parish Meeting Minutes


PRESENT: Councillors Nicky Beaton, Rosemary Gilligan, Helen Hussain, Robert Perlmutter, Anthony Spencer, William Susman (Chair) and Peter Wayne

  • In attendance:            Amanda Leboff, Clerk to the Council

57/17.           Apologies for Absence.

Apologies for absence were submitted from Councillors Annette Edel, Gavin O’Sullivan and County Councillor Morris Bright.

58/17.                       Declarations of Interests

PERSONAL – Councillors Gilligan, Spencer and Susman declared a personal interest in the item concerning Shenley Park Trust.


59/17                        Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 4th July 2017

RESOLVED that the minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council meeting, held on 4th July 2017 be confirmed as a correct record, and signed by Cllr Susman and adopted by the Council.

60/17.                       Review of Action Plan from above meetings

The Action plan was NOTED.

61/17                        Minutes of the Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting held on 23rd August 2017

RESOLVED that the minutes of the Extraordinary Parish Council meeting, held on 23rd August 2017 be confirmed as a correct record, and signed by Cllr Susman and adopted by the Council.

62/17.           Questions by residents of Shenley Parish

The chairman took the opportunity to welcome members of the public to the meeting.  He then read an email from Mr Blundell requesting the Parish Council object to the planning appeal for the land adjoining 1,3 and 5 Shenleybury.  It was NOTED that the Parish council had previously objected to this application.  Following a discussion it was AGREED that the Parish Council would OBJECT to the Planning Inspectorate.

The Parish Council were then asked to contact Hertfordshire Highways regarding the pot holes all along Rectory Lane.

63/17.           Reports of Committee, Members and Clerk

  • Accidents by Shenleybury – request by residents for action

The chairman informed the meeting that there has been a spate of accidents occurring monthly at the same location.  Both Highways and the police are aware of this.  There are traffic calming measures in place already however the accidents still occur.  The chairman went on to say that funding has been sourced by County Council for a traffic calming survey.  3 boxes will be put up to monitor the flow and speed of the traffic.  It was agreed that both the borough and County Councillors were taking this very seriously.

  • Request from resident for a memorial back for a bench at the pond.

The meeting noted the email from Mr. Tarrant requesting to a memorial back for a bench for the late Kathleen Tester. The meeting AGREED that more information was needed and the Chairman said he would phone Mr. Tarrant to discuss. It was also suggested that perhaps memorial trees could be planted.

  • The name Novita at the previously known Black Lion site.

The meeting discussed at length the renaming of the Black Lion Site.  Susan Payne addressed the meeting and highlighted her unhappiness at the new name, and felt the developers did not carry out their commitment as in their appeals proposal regarding the reinstatement of detailing appropriate to this Victorian building, and that the new sign is inappropriate.  Councillor Gilligan addressed the meeting with further information regarding the planning application, highlighting that the Black Lion has been there since the 1800s and throughout the planning application process it has been referred to as The Black Lion. Councillor Gilligan also stressed that she was very disappointed that only a small plaque referring to the Black Lion has been offered to be put up on the building. Councillor Gilligan also wanted the Parish Council to stand up for residents who are upset at the loss of name.

It was also highlighted that there is very little parking and cars are already starting to cause an issue on Rectory Lane.

Councillor Spencer said he has spoken with the new owner and also stated that he wishes to encourage new business in the village.

Following the lengthy debate it was AGREED that the clerk would contact Hertsmere planning and ask if anything can be done to enforce the name ‘The Black Lion’ is used. Following this outcome the Parish Council can then see what course of action can be taken next.

  • Anti-Social Behaviour – fires

It was NOTED that over the summer there was a spate of fires. The meeting was informed that the police are aware of this and have already caught some of the perpetrators.

  • Pursley Field – Update

The meeting were delighted to hear that the newly installed goal posts are being used. It was AGREED that a laminated sign needs to be put on the posts to say that they cannot be used on a Sunday when Borehamwood 2000 are using the field.

  • Harris Lane/Rookery Field

The Clerk informed the meeting that a Tesco sign is to be put up on the gym equipment following their generous grant.

  • Allotments

The meeting AGREED that the Parish Council should go with the Hertsmere Borough Council quote for a new entrance to the allotments.

  • Shenley Fete

Councillor Beaton informed the meeting that the donations for this year have now been distributed.  The date of next year’s fete is Sunday 1st July 2018.  Councillor Beaton asked on behalf the fete committee for more support from the Parish Council, specifically councillors’ help on the day of the event.

  • Future Initiative Events

The events for the coming months are Halloween, Remembrance Sunday, Christmas lights switch on, Christmas at the Cage and Chanukah.

Councillor Hussain informed the meeting that people have asked about the condition of the pill boxes around Shenley and the fact that they need cleaning.  It was agreed that the cleaning of the pill boxes would be added to the list for the Community Pay Back team.

  • Media Committee

The deadline for the next edition of Shenley Village Matters is 14th September.  Following a discussion it was AGREED that the Parish Council would write a letter of congratulations to the junior cricket team regarding their recent success.

  • CSP

Nothing to report.

  • Police Update

Nothing to report.

  • Shenley Park Trust

Councillor Beaton informed the meeting that the Park Trust volunteers are unhappy at being asked to do inappropriate work such as heavy works like digging ditches. She is also worried about the future plans of the park.

  • Neighbourhood Plan

The meeting were informed that the 2nd questionnaire is in the process of being delivered.  It has been sent out with envelopes and can also be completed on line.  Councillor Gilligan has also been successful in securing a technical support grant.

  • Village Sign

The Clerk informed the meeting that the order has now been placed for the new village sign, and confirmed that the cows are being replaced with horses on the sign.

  • Additional Christmas Lights

Following a discussion the meeting agreed to the structural survey which is now due (in 2014 the cost was £1780 + vat).

The meeting then discussed additional lights and following a vote it was AGREED that the lights would NOT be extended this year.

64/17.           Correspondence

  • Receipt of the following correspondence was reported and noted:

65/17.           Planning Applications

The following planning applications were before the meeting. The meeting AGREED that;

  • Subject to Hertsmere Borough Council taking into consideration any comments of neighbouring owners/occupiers, the Parish Council raises no objection to the following proposals.
Application No. Address Proposed Development
17/1665/FUL Wilton End Cottage Radlett Lane Shenley Hertfordshire Conversion of existing agricultural barn to a detached 3 bed dwelling with

associated amenity space, parking and landscaping.

17/1456/LBC 15 London Road Shenley Hertfordshire WD7 9EW Replacement of plastic half round gutters with seamless aluminium ogee

profile; fitting of non-return valve to cellar drain; removal of wall plate in cellar.

With regards to

17/0952/FUL University College London Sports Ground And Watford Football Club

Training Ground, Bell Lane, London Colney, Hertfordshire, AL2 1BZ

Installation of an artificial playing surface for sports use (amended

description and site location plan received 25.07.17).

The meeting NOTED again that it would be nice if Watford Football Club became more involved in Community Events such as is stipulated with Arsenal Football Clubs planning conditions.

(i)Other planning matters were noted, and

(ii)The council instructs the Clerk to advise Hertsmere Borough Council accordingly.

(*Denotes that at this point, the Council moved to discuss planning applications which had been brought to its attention at the meeting. They were proposed and seconded.)

66/17.           Financial matters

  • Accounts for payment –September 2017 meeting
  • The following accounts for July 2017 meeting were received:
Payment To Reason Total Amount
Hertfordshire County Council Stationary 29.92
E.Amorim Gardener – pond area March 2017 – July 2017 270.00
Shenley Village Hall Hire of Village Hall 76.00
Mrs Amanda Leboff Expenses – XERO monthly payment 26.40
E.ON The Cage 2.87
E.ON Harris Lane Pavilion 37.33
Shenley Methodist Church  Hire of hall for Neighbourhood plan 28.00
Mrs Amanda Leboff Wages 1087.72
HMRC Payment 212.58
TOTAL 1770.82
  • The following accounts for August 2017 meeting were received:
Payment To Reason Total Amount
Caprin Limited printing of compliments slips 64.80
BT Office phone and broadband 93.44
LCR magazine Annual Subscription 17.00
Imagine Places Neighbourhood Plan support 300.00
Mrs Amanda Leboff Expenses – XERO monthly payment 26.40
Banner Group Printer cartridges 231.10
BDO Auditing of Annual Return 360.00
HMRC Payment 212.58
Mrs Amanda Leboff Wages 1087.73
E.ON Electricity – The Cage 7.90
Hertsmere Borough Council Neighbourhood Plan – business reply envelopes 194.40
Andy Gough Grounds Maintenance 210.00
Bob Gough Grounds Maintenance 384.00
Fay Gough Cleaning toilet, office   & extra removal of waste 100.00
TOTAL 3289.35

Following a proposal and seconder, it was:-

RESOLVED that the September 2017 meeting accounts for both July 2017 (£1,770.82) and August 2017 (£3,289.35), totalling £5,060.17 be approved for payment.

  • Following a proposal and seconder, it was:-RESOLVED that the monthly budget monitoring report be approved.
  • Following a proposal and seconder, it was:-RESOLVED that the monthly petty cash report be approved
  • Section 137 Grant Requests: –
  • Shenley Primary School request for £2116.80 to help towards the cost of swimming coach expenses (£1524.60 given in 2014, 2015 and 2016)

Following a proposer and a seconder it was RESOLVED to approve a donation of £1,524.60. However it was noted that the school kept £50 of the deposit money for hiring its hall for the Neighbourhood Plan launch meeting as they felt unhappy with the Parish Council.  Therefore as a result £50 has been deducted from their donation and will now receive £1,474.60.

  • It was NOTED that CIL money of £9,592.32 had been deposited in the Shenley Parish Council account.

51/17.           The meeting ended at 9.20p.m.                                           Chairman


provision action by action
Planning Applications Letter to Hertsmere Borough Council advising of the Council’s opinions. Clerk Actioned
Pond lights Hire of lighting designer to plan what is needed Clerk & Cllr Susman ASAP
Manor Lodge School Contact school regarding inconsiderate driving approaching the school. Clerk ASAP
Basket Ball hoop To be ordered ASAP
Christmas Lights Book structural survey Clerk Actioned
Allotment Book tarmacking works for entrance to allotments Clerk Actioned
Junior Cricket team Send letter of congratulations Clerk ASAP
Planning Inspectorate Letter regarding Shenleybury Clerk ASAP
Novita Contact planning regarding removal of the name ‘Black Lion’ Clerk ASAP


Shenley Neighbourhood Plan Logo

Aims & Objectives




  1. To maintain the Green Belt surrounding our village, avoiding the creep of urban sprawl.
  2. To maintain and improve the beautiful green appearance of our surroundings and the character of our village. To retain our village status. To maintain identified green spaces in the village
  3. To ensure that all residents have access to community green and open spaces for leisure and recreation.
  4. To minimise the impact of development on the natural and built environment.
  5. To protect the biodiversity of our area, our local wildlife and its habitat and our trees.
  6. To retain the sites in our area which currently provide jobs in their present use and provide sustainable employment opportunities for those who live within and outside it. Where possible to improve and enhance retail facilities offered to the community
  7. To encourage and facilitate the development of identified buildings in the village to provide better facilities for the community.
  8. To promote an active community within the village with desired community and cultural facilities for residents young and old.
  9. To implement design standards which maintain the character of the village and enhance the aesthetic qualities of the buildings in the village.
  10. To meet new housing demand in a way that is sympathetic to the area, that ensures that the right type of housing is built in the right locations and that a mix of housing types is delivered, to especially include smaller homes available to younger people/families and for older people to downsize to.
  11. Have a meaningful opportunity to engage with developers and their design teams in the early stages of designing proposals for strategic sites and any other significant development.
  12. To seek ways to improve traffic flow and congestion in the village and tackle growing parking issues.
  13. To ensure our roads and streets provide safer and more accessible routes, better balancing the needs of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

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Appeal following Park Bench Fire


Burnt Bench at Harris Lane Playing Fields 2017

Image from My Shenley Facebook Post

Police in Shenley are appealing for witnesses and information after a special dedication bench was burnt in the Harris Lane playing fields in the early hours of Saturday, July 8.

It is believed that the bench was deliberately set on fire.

Safer Neighbourhood Inspector Pete Edwards said: “We have seen an increase in anti-social behaviour recently and I want to reassure residents that we are taking their concerns seriously. Shenley is traditionally an area of low crime, so I understand that when this kind of thing happens it can be distressing and worrying for local residents.

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Wednesday 28th December at the Cage Pond seating area – organised by Shenley Parish Council

The annual lighting of the Chanukah candles was held on the evening of Wednesday 28th December at the Cage Pond seating area.   The area glittered owing to the pretty lights in the bench tree and around the railings all reflecting on the pond beautifully.   Many locals braved the cold to join in the celebrations.  We were delighted to have Hertsmere Borough Council Mayor Cllr. Peter Rutledge and his partner Cllr. Jane West as guests of honour.  The candle lighting service was led by Rabbi Alan Garber in conjunction with the Shenley United Jewish Community.  Music was provided by Jacqueline Curzon playing the accordion to which everyone sang beautifully.   Before the lighting and afterwards those present were offered doughnuts, dreidels, light sticks and chocolate coins courtesy of the Parish Council.

Special thanks go to Bob and Fay Gough for coming early to sort out the electrics and arrange the Christmas lights.  They also helped clear up after the event.   Thanks to Guy Beaton for setting up the sound system and helping to take photos.  Cllr. Anthony Spencer collected the doughnuts earlier in the day and helped hand them out, thank you.   Amanda Leboff’s organisation was superb as always.  Cllr. William Susman was unable to attend but that morning he put up the barriers which protected the flower beds and took them down the next day!    As with any event there is always a lot that goes on behind the scenes!

For those who do not know much about Chanukah, as I didn’t,  it is the Jewish eight-day, wintertime “festival of lights” or “Feast of Dedication”, celebrated with a nightly menorah lighting, special prayers and fried foods.  The Hebrew word Chanukah means “dedication” and it is so named because it celebrates the rededication of the Holy Temple.  You will also have seen it spelled Hanukkah or variations of that spelling.    In the second century 164 BCE, the Holy Land was ruled by the Seleucids (Syrian-Greeks) who tried to force the people of Israel to accept Greek culture and beliefs instead of mitzvah observation and belief in G-d.  Against all odds, a small band of faithful Jews, led by Judah the Maccabee, defeated one of the mightiest armies on earth at that time and drove the Greeks from the land so reclaiming the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and rededicated it to the service of G-d.

When they sought to light the Temple’s Menorah (the seven-branched candelabrum), they found only a single cruse of olive oil had escaped contamination by the Greeks.  Miraculously, they lit the menorah and the one-day supply of oil lasted for eight days, until new oil could be prepared.

Chanukah is observed for 8 nights and days starting on the 25th day of Kislev according to the Hebrew calendar, which may occur any time from late November to late December in the Gregorian calendar.

Thanks to all helpers and everyone who supported the event.    HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Cllr. Nicky Beaton






Organised by Shenley Parish Council

 Santa riding round the Village

A Santa Day in Shenley!  The day kicked off at around 11am on Sunday morning with Santa (Steve Bury) arriving at the Pond followed by Rudolf (Guy Beaton), who met children waiting to see them off on their ride round the Village. The newly revamped Santa’s carriage arrived driven by Chief Elf, Maureen Keegan with her assistant Elf Peter Buttle and Mrs Santa (Susan), and pulled by the lovely Dolly who was on her best behaviour throughout the morning.

At 11.30am cheered by a crowd of children and parents the Christmas party set off down London Road towards the Post Office. Going down as many roads as possible they then made their way back down London Road and onto Porter’s Park Drive where they again visited as many side roads as possible.  Everyone gave Santa and his team a great welcome. Dolly is getting very experienced pulling Father Christmas’ carriage so this year Santa had a smoother ride. Drivers were also very considerate when passing and gave us lots of waves!    Rudolf’s journey was more precarious as he had to stand up and wave through the sunroof of the Christmas car.  The big moose head meant Guy had to leave the photography to Nicky this year, hopefully it is ok!   The ride ended at Orchard Tea Rooms with Santa distributing sweets to children then Dolly went off home to have some well earned carrots.


Christmas at the Cage

5.30 – 6.30pm

Sunday evening at 5.30pm was another opportunity for the children (and adults) of Shenley to meet Father Christmas - this time inside the Cage. Santa (William Susman) chatted with the children and parents and assisted by Rudolf (still Guy!) gave the children presents. His evening Elf assistant (new Councillor Helen Hussain) chatted with the children and parents as they waited to see Santa and collected money for the Hertfordshire Air Ambulance – Thank you to all who made donations.

No Christmas event would be complete without Christmas Carols and St. Martin’s Church Choir kindly came along this year to sing for us, which brought a very Christmassy atmosphere to the gathering.

At a table next to the Pond railing children could busy themselves writing letters to Santa, or make Christmas cards and Christmas labels using tons of glitter!   I am sure lots ended up on their clothes and maybe on the pond ducks later.

Mince pies and sweets were freely available and parents enjoyed the mulled wine as much as ever, as did the helpers! Thanks to Anthony Spencer, Alex and Amanda for serving it.

Surrounding the pond were attractive coloured Christmas lights adding to the festive atmosphere. They reflected beautifully on the pond.

What a wonderful day!





We would like to thank Maureen Keegan and Peter Buttle and their Waverley Driving Group Charity (Riding for the Disabled) for providing the horse and carriage and for dressing up so superbly as Elves and also Steve Bury who made a very authentic Santa.  Also thanks to Roy Monk for repainting Santa’s carriage panels.  The carriage with its new panels and other decorations looked brilliant.

Big thanks too to Bob & Faye Gough for getting the Cage ready and decorating the area. They also helped clear up after the event. They are always so generous with their time, coming from Borehamwood to help at most of our events.

Special thanks go to St. Martin’s Church choir for singing for us again this year- much appreciated.

Alex Black who runs the Orchard Tea rooms kindly provided the mulled wine to help along the festive spirit – thank you very much. Another lovely person who supports many Shenley events.

The day was a big success thanks to all our helpers and I think you will agree it helps to foster a warm village atmosphere and that’s what makes Shenley Village so special.  The more people do to help the better the Village gets.

Finally a huge thank you to Amanda Leboff, our Parish Clerk, who did a great job organising the day.  She is an absolute treasure.

Best wishes from Shenley Parish Council

Cllr Nicky Beaton.