Shenley Parish

Election 28th June 2018

Hertsmere Borough Council


Election of Parish Councillors

For the Area of


To be held on

Thursday, 28th June 2018


  1. An election is to be held for ONE Parish Councillor for the said Parish.
  2. Nomination papers may be obtained, during normal office hours, from the Returning Officer at the address shown below.
  3. Completed nomination papers must be delivered to the Returning Officer at the offices of Hertsmere Borough Council, at the address shown below, on any day after the date of this notice, during normal office hours but not later than 4pm on Friday, 1st June 2018.
  4. If the election is contested, the poll will take place on Thursday, 28th June 2018 between the hours of 7:00am and 10.00pm
  5. Applications to register to vote must reach the Electoral Registration Officer by 12 midnight on Tuesday 12th June 2018. Applications can be made online at
  6. Electors should take note that the deadline for new applications to vote by post or to change existing postal or proxy arrangements e.g. cancellation or re-direction must reach the Electoral Registration Officer at the address shown below by 5pm on Wednesday, 13th June 2018 if they are to be effective for this election.
  7. New applications to vote by proxy must be received by the Electoral Registration Officer by 5pm on Wednesday, 20th June 2018.
  8. The deadline for new applications to be received by the Electoral Registration Officer to vote by proxy on grounds of occupation, service or employment or a medical condition, illness or disability arising after 5pm on Wednesday, 20th June 2018 is not later than 5pm on Thursday, 28th June 2018

Dated: Tuesday, 22nd May 2018

Donald Graham
Returning Officer
Hertsmere Borough Council,
Civic Offices
Elstree Way

Printed and Published by Hertsmere Borough Council

Shenley Parish

Tuesday 2nd Jan 2018 – Shenley Parish Meeting Minutes



PRESENT: Councillors Nicky Beaton, Rosemary Gilligan, Helen Hussain, Gavin O’Sullivan, Robert Perlmutter, Anthony Spencer, William Susman (Chair)

  • In attendance:            Amanda Leboff, Clerk to the Council


101/17.         Apologies for Absence.

Apologies for absence were submitted from Councillor Annette Edel, Peter Wayne and County Councillor Morris Bright.


102/17.                     Declarations of Interests

PERSONAL – Councillors Gilligan, Spencer and Susman declared a personal interest in the item concerning Shenley Park Trust.



103/17                      Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 5th December 2017

RESOLVED that the minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council meeting, held on 5th December 2017 be confirmed as a correct record, and signed by Cllr Susman and adopted by the Council.


104/17.                     Review of Action Plan from above meetings

The Action plan was NOTED.


105/17.         Questions by residents of Shenley Parish

There were none.


106/17.         Reports of Committee, Members and Clerk

  • Hertsmere Local Plan – Update

The meeting NOTED that they had all seen the email from MP Oliver Dowden.


  • Neighbourhood Plan – Update

Councillor Beaton informed the meeting that they have been advised by the independent advisor to complete the Neighbourhood Plan as soon as possible.  The date of the next Steering Group meeting is to be arranged.


  • Pond Lights

Councillor Susman informed the meeting that he has a site meeting on 03/01/18 with AGA Bioengineering to get a quote for the pond lights.


  • Pursley Field – Update

The contract is now ready to sign.  Cllr Susman is now finalising the figures.


  • Harris Lane/Rookery Field

The meeting was informed that the hoop will be installed by end March 2018.


  • Allotments

Nothing to report


  • Shenley Fete

Cllr Beaton informed the meeting that the stall booking emails have now been sent out.


  • Media Committee

Nothing to report.


  • CSP

Nothing to report.


  • Police – Safer Neighbourhood Newsletter

Information was noted.


  • Shenley Park Trust

Councillor Spencer informed the meeting that the SPT met in December.


107/17.         Correspondence

  • Receipt of the following correspondence was reported and noted:


108/17.         Planning Applications

The following planning applications were before the meeting. The meeting AGREED that;

  • With regards to;
17/2292/HSE 3 Old Nursery Close, Shenley, Hertfordshire, WD7 9FD Single storey rear extension

The meeting OBJECTED to this application as Permitted Development Rights have been removed and the owners would have been aware of this when they purchased the property.


With regards to;

17/2395/FUL Thatched Cottage, Silver Hill, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire Erection of pre-fabricated building to provide temporary accommodation for a period of 3 years.

The meeting OBJECTED to this application on the grounds that:-

  • Planning permission is required for a permanent building
  • The porter cabin is an inappropriate building in the Green Belt.


With regards to;

17/2362/HSE 9 New Road, Shenley, Hertfordshire, WD7 9DZ Demolition of existing rear extension and erection of replacement 2 storey rear extension, single storey side extensions and replacement front porch

The meeting OBJECTED to this application on the grounds that:-

  • The development is too large
  • The development is not in keeping with a conservation area.


With regards to;

17/2357/FUL 26 Woodhall Lane, Shenley, Hertfordshire, WD7 9AT Demolition of existing dwelling, swimming pool and pump house and erection of detached 4 bed chalet bungalow with basement accommodation, to include additional access to Woodhall Lane

The meeting OBJECTED to this application on the grounds that;

  • It is an overdevelopment
  • The application is considerably larger than the original footprint
  • Both previous applications were objected to by Shenley Parish Council


With regards to;

17/2358/FUL 26 Woodhall Lane, Shenley, Hertfordshire, WD7 9AT Demolition of existing dwelling, and erection of detached, 4 bed chalet bungalow.

The meeting OBJECTED to this application on the grounds that;

  • It is an overdevelopment
  • The application is considerably larger than the original footprint
  • Both previous applications were objected to by Shenley Parish Council


(i)Other planning matters were noted, and

(ii)The council instructs the Clerk to advise Hertsmere Borough Council accordingly.

(*Denotes that at this point, the Council moved to discuss planning applications which had been brought to its attention at the meeting. They were proposed and seconded.)


109/17.         Financial matters

  • Accounts for payment –December 2017 meeting
Payment To Reason Total Amount
Sir Richard Cox Charity Grant for the 2017 distribution list 800.00
Electrical Testing Ltd Structural testing for  4 additional Christmas Lights 718.64
Shenley Village Hall Hire of Hall 190.00
Caprin Printers Labels for x4 banners 38.40
E.ON The Cage 8.21
HCC Stationary 14.71
HBC NP – Business reply mail for NP questionnaire 157.05
Mrs Amanda Leboff Expenses 326.61
Mrs Amanda Leboff Wages 1087.73
HMRC Payment 212.58
Petty Cash Petty Cash  – amount to take up to £200 imprest system for December 2017 195.36
William Susman Reimburse for Christmas event 65.00
E.AMORIM Gardener – pond area 120.00
John O’Conner November grounds maintenance 144.00
Banner Group Printer cartridges 231.10
Hags-Smp Ltd Harris Lane, hoop and surface installation 6076.32
BT Office phone and broadband (October bill) 103.68
  TOTAL 10489.39


Following a proposal and seconder, it was:-

RESOLVED that the December 2017, meeting accounts for December 2017 (£10,489.39), be approved for payment.

  • Following a proposal and seconder, it was:-RESOLVED that the monthly budget monitoring report be approved.
  • Following a proposal and seconder, it was:-RESOLVED that the monthly petty cash report be approved
  • Section 137 Grant Requests: –
  • The Waverley Driving Group £150 donation as way of a thank you for taking Santa around Shenley. Following a proposer and a seconder it was RESOLVED to approve the request.
  • The Council RESOLVED to APPROVE the Budget requirement for the year 2018/19
  • APPROVE the precept amount of £75, 208.69.
  • It was AGREED that the Clerk notify Hertsmere Borough Council accordingly.


101/17.         The meeting ended at 9.20p.m.                                           Chairman




provision action by action
Planning Applications Letter to Hertsmere Borough Council advising of the Council’s opinions. Clerk ASAP
Pond lights Meeting with AGA Bioengineering Cllr Susman 03/01/18
Police Ask Police to attend Council meeting Clerk ASAP


Inform Hertsmere of Precept Clerk Actioned
Pond woodwork Contact AGA ask when treating the woodwork Clerk ASAP



Next Shenley Parish Meeting: Tue 5 June 2018

May 2018 Report

Summer has arrived in Shenley, it’s a beautiful time of year so let’s get out there and enjoy everything that Shenley has to offer from the outdoor gym equipment to the children’s play area and the local eateries.

We are delighted that our dedicated PCSO’s are on top of the anti-social behaviour in the Village but to make sure that it doesn’t return and to assist them we have now acquired a second CCTV camera. If you are in an area that you feel has been attracting anti-social behaviour then get in touch and we will discuss with the PCSO about relocating the one of our cameras to monitor and catch the individuals in action.

We are nearing the end of the preparation of our Neighbourhood Plan and we are holding a public meeting on 7th June to launch the first draft. The meeting is being held in The Chapel and starts at 6.30pm with the presentation starting at 7.30pm. Please do your best to attend as this is your opportunity to influence how out Village will look in the future.

Again Action for a Cleaner Shenley has been working tirelessly to improve the look of our Village and have been again focussing on litter collection. Look at the posts on Facebook and you will be amazed by the not only the amount of rubbish that people discard but also by what they discard! Thanks again to the Community Payback Scheme, who this time have been working on improving the Pond area next to The Cage by repainting the posts and rails.

We have also after just finished installing subtle lighting at The Pond not only to enhance the area and also to “show off” The Cage and Broadwalk.

The Seniors summer trip has now been finalised and we will be visiting Windsor on Monday 16 th July.
If you are interested in going then please let the Clerk know.

Recently the responsibility of grass cutting of the verges and common areas has passed from Hertsmere to Hertfordshire County Council. As you would have guessed it would be impossible for the transition to be smooth and faultless and as such it lived up to our expectations! You will have noticed that the verges were sadly neglected until the right people were kicked and the next day they were cut. Apparently, an admin error meant we fell off the bottom of the schedule, lets hope that in the future we are not so neglected.

As I informed you last month one of our Councillors has resigned as he has moved out of the area. For all the years that I can remember we have endeavoured to run the Parish Council as a non-political organisation and just focussed on what was in the best interests of the Village. This meant when we previously had vacancies candidates were invited to apply for the post and they were selected on the basis of what they could offer to the Village and not on the basis of which political party they were affiliated to.

Unfortunately this time ten villagers have signed a letter that has requested an election for the vacancy; this will involve the expense of approx. £5,000 to hold the election that will be for a post that will need to be re-elected again in May next year along with all of the other council positions. I am all for democracy, which is why we have four yearly elections, but at this local level it’s not about politics it’s about the Village. As it is quite a substantial amount of money that we had not budgeted for there maybe one or two things we can’t do this year that we had planned, so I do apologise in advance for this.

For years it has annoyed me that there was water flooding onto Radlett Lane between the top of the Road and The Shenley Park entrance after many calls and meetings I was delighted to see last week that they had dug the road up and sorted the problem. I am not convinced though that this has resolved the water issue outside Winifred Cottages but let’s give it a few weeks and see.

See you all soon and have a great Summer

Councillor William Susman
Chairman – Shenley Parish Council

Neighbourhood Plan – SVM Article – Feb 2018

We continue to be very concerned that Hertsmere seem to want to build 9,000 new homes and put a high number of them in Shenley Parish. It was very encouraging that so many residents attended the Hertsmere Planning Department’s new Local Plan’s Issue’s & Options Drop session at Shenley Primary School on 13th November last year. We hope that many have people have made their views known and that Hertsmere listens.

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Crime & ASB figures – December 2018

December 2018 crime & ASB figures


Offence No. in Shenley No. in Hertsmere
Burglary business and community 0  16
Burglary residential 1  51
Criminal damage 6  82
Vehicle crime 7  56
Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) incidents* 10  191


Burglary residential

Offender(s) attempted to burgle an address in Broadley Gardens on December 29.  No entry was gained but damage was caused to the front door.

Criminal damage

Damage was caused to a residents’ Sky TV cable in Birchwood between December 5 and 12.

A window was damaged at the King William pub on two separate occasions – on December 6 and between December 14 and 15.

A customer card reader was damaged in McDonalds in London Colney on December 14.

A customer caused damage to food machines in McDonalds in London Colney on December 17.

A mobile phone was stolen from Willows Farm on December 13.

Guttering was removed from the Gingerbread House Dental Surgery between December 27 and 28.  It was previously targeted for lead theft.

Vehicle Crime

Fuel was stolen from a car parked in Newcombe Road on November 15.

Wing mirrors were damaged on a vehicle parked in King Charles Road on November 26.

Offender has tried to crowbar open van doors in Halliday Close between December 5 and 6.

A moped was stolen from a front drive in North Avenue between December 8 and 9.

Number plates were stolen from a vehicle parked in Trafford Close between 6am and 2.30pm on December 8.

A Mercedes Benz was stolen without keys from The Lawns between December 11 and 12.

An offender visited a resident in Allen Close on December 23, who had advertised his vehicle on Auto Trader.  The offender test drove the vehicle and stole the vehicle with the keys.

Anti-Social Behaviour

The anti-social behaviour includes rowdy customers and a civil dispute at McDonalds in London Colney; young people throwing snowballs and stones outside Tesco in Andrews Close; five separate reports of young people playing music late at night, being drunk and disorderly, vehicles playing loud music and rowdy behaviour in Porters Park Drive and young people acting anti-socially in Halliday Close.

*ASB is not defined as ‘crime’ however it has been included in this table for your information as it can affect the wider community and we (police) are jointly responsible with local councils for dealing with it. Recordable ASB includes neighbour disputes and noise nuisance, as well as issues such as regular rowdy behaviour in public places.

Other Crime

Other news and events

Useful information

You can follow your local team on Twitter @Shenleypolice

Visit where you can find the latest police and crime news, crime prevention advice and people wanted by police.


Police non-emergency number 101. (In an emergency always use 999).

Contact Crimestoppers anonymously with information about crime on 0800 555 111.


Shenley Parish Council area is covered by PCSOs Chris Ramdeen from the Potters Bar and Shenley Safer Neighbourhood Team.