Shenley Neighbourhood Plan - Basic Conditions Statement

Click to download: October 2019 Reg 16 Shenley Plan Basic Conditions Statement 2019 to 2036 (PDF / 3MB)

The opening paragraph of the Introduction section of the statement is copied below for quick reference.


The following pages set out how the Neighbourhood Plan proposal fulfils the ‘Basic Conditions’ of neighbourhood planning and other considerations. This is in order to satisfy the requirements set out in legislation and pass the independent examination. This Basic Conditions Statement explains how the Neighbourhood Plan proposal as a whole and the policies it contains meet each Basic Condition and other legal tests. The submitted Neighbourhood Plan proposal should also be read in conjunction with two additional documents, which have been prepared separately and in accordance with the relevant regulations.

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These pages relates to the Shenley Neighbourhood Plan.

It is not the same as the Hertsmere Local Plan.