Shenley Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meeting Minutes – 23rd January 2018



 On Tuesday 23rd January 2018 at 7pm


Attendees:     Gemma Archer, Richard Archer, Maureen Ashman, Nicky Beaton (Chair), Steve Bury, Rosemary Gilligan, Helen Hussain, Gavin O’Sullivan and Robert Perlmutter.

(Amanda Leboff was present to take the minutes)

  1. Apologies for absence:  Michael Hore
  2. Approval of previous minutes: Minutes of Meetings on 16th November 2017 were approved.
  3. Recent Meetings – Briefing by NB & RG:  NB updated the meeting with regards to the meeting held with Hertsmere Borough Council (HBC) attended with Angela Koch, as well as the letters sent. At this meeting Angela questioned HBC with regards to Regulation 18. Following this meeting it was NOTED that HBC need to be questioned regularly with regards to their actions. HBC did confirm they are happy to have more Neighbourhood plan meetings.  NB highlighted that it was surprising to be told at the meeting that none of their questions would be answered. It was emphasised that HBC are looking to develop more houses than the required numbers from Government, resulting in the loss of greenbelt.

The meeting NOTED the email sent from Mark Silverman on 22nd Jan 2018.

SB suggested that due to HBC’s attitude towards Shenley, perhaps a stronger stand should be taken and any development is refused until HBC act in a more appropriate manner. RG said that an open dialogue needs to be maintained with HBC. At this point it was NOTED that legislation states that a local planning authority can remove areas from the greenbelt.  HBC will be reassessing Hertsmere Greenbelt in spring 2018. SB also wanted to know why HBC refuse to declare what formula they have used to reach their housing numbers.

RG informed the meeting that the Housing Needs Assessment Report is currently being written and this will be followed by the Character Assessment Report.

SB informed the meeting that he was unhappy that the site owned by Mr. McGuire appears to be heralded as the perfect site for development within Shenley.  It was agreed this site has severe access issues, however RG said that access issues do not concern HBC.

The meeting agreed that more information needs to be obtained regarding vehicle movement through Shenley.  GA AGREED to contact Hertfordshire’s Traffic Data Analyst and will request the results of the traffic counters that are in place throughout Shenley.

It was NOTED that details need to be obtained with regards to residents preferred bus service route to Borehamwood, what bus service provisions they would like to see.  Extra information is needed regarding this that will not be received from ACON.

  1. Neighbourhood Plan grants/Finance – Update: HH informed the meeting that the £6,890 grant from MY LOCALITY has been given and should be with the Parish Council imminently. Following a discussion the meeting AGREED that any spending over £1,000 needs to be approved by the Steering Group.
  2. Housing Questionnaire – Publication of results: It was AGREED that the final results including comments will be put on to the website, RA agreed to do this.  RA also agreed to send the results and comments directly to the Steering Group.
  3. Specialist Reports – Update by RG: RG confirmed that The Housing Needs Assessment is in progress and this will be followed by the Character Assessment Report.
  4. Consultant – Feedback: It was agreed that Angela should continue to assist with the Shenley Neighbourhood Plan.  NB and RG AGRRED to arrange a meeting with HBC for the end of March.
  5. Neighbourhood Plan – Draft progress: NB requested assistance from the group with regards to formulating and writing the draft. Following a discussion it was AGREED that RA would put the draft on ONE DRIVE for the Steering Group to have access to. This would allow all members of the group to assist with any of the areas of the plan.
  6. Working Parties – Discuss way forward + Combined Meeting: Following a discussion the meeting AGREED that the Housing Questionnaire should be the focus of a combined meeting allowing for the results to be reviewed. The meeting hoped that a combined meeting will help to reinvigorate those people who have offered their help in the past.  HH AGREED to look at how much the last questionnaire cost in order to see the viability of another one.
  7. Getting more help: Please see point 8.
  8. Any Other Business: Nothing to report
  9. 10. Date of next meeting: TUESDAY 20th FEB where the focus will be primarily on the Housing Questionnaire.


GA:        To contact Hertfordshire’s Traffic Data Analyst and will request the results of the traffic counters that are in place throughout Shenley

RA:         To put the Housing Questionnaire results and comments on the website and to send this information directly to the Steering Group.

NB/RG: To arrange a meeting with HBC for the end of March

RA:         To put the draft Neighbourhood Plan on One Drive for all the Steering Group to have access to.

HH:         To look at the cost of the previous questionnaire

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