List of Developer Submissions

We've made a list of proposals that developers submitted to Hertsmere for sites most likely to affect Shenley.

Letter to Hertsmere

Shenley Parish Council submitted a 34 page response to the HBC consultation. Click the button to read it.

IMPORTANT! The latest consultation has ended

Heremere’s Consultation on Potential Sites for the Local Plan ended on 20th December 2018. We have retained these pages for reference, but be aware that you can no longer submit feedback to this consultation.

Hertsmere Local Plan – Introduction

Hertsmere Borough Council (HBC) are consulting on “Potential sites for housing and employment” following  their “Issues & Options” Consultation in 2017. This includes multiple sites within and close to Shenley Parish. In total, those sites could accommodate up to 6000 homes. You need to know what those sites are and how you can give constructive feedback to Hertsmere Borough Council and ensure your views are heard and accounted for.

Shenley Parish Council held a public meeting at the Village Hall on Tuesday 6th November 2018, to which many local residence turned out. After an introduction by Nicky Beaton, Vice-chair of Shenley Parish Council and Chair of the Shenley Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee, members of the Shenley Neighbourhood Plan Communications Working Group gave a presentation covering:

  • The purpose of the Shenley Neighbourhood Plan
  • The purpose of the Hertsmere Local Plan and how it is quite different from the Neighbourhood Plan
  • The various sites under consideration that will have a significant impact on Shenley if they were developed
  • Some advice on what feedback you can provide for Hertsmere’s consultation, and how to go about it

This was followed by a Q&A session.

You can view the slides from the presentation here.

Click below to see a map of the sites in Shenley Parish and the key to the map which provides the latest status of each site (going forward to Stage 2 greenbelt review or not).

Map (High Res)

Map (Low Res)

Key for Map

These documents can help you with completing your consultation feedback.

We are almost finished compiling feedback points for you to use (as mentioned during the 6th November public meeting) and will be posting on Facebook and emailing residents who signed up for email alerts when it is ready.

If you are going to the Hertsmere Local Plan Drop-In Session on Wednesday 21st November, here are some ideas of questions you might want to ask.

To be notified when further content goes online, you can:

In the meantime, we recommend that you look at the whole Hertsmere document online, along with as much of the supporting documentation as possible.

Please let Hertsmere know what you think about their suggestions as soon as possible.


Go to Hertmere’s consultation portal, register as a consultee and provide feedback directly (this is Hertsmere’s preferred method).

By Email

Email your feedback to

In Person

Attend the Drop-in session at Shenley Primary School on Wednesday 21st November 2018 at 4pm to 8pm

In Writing

You can also send your feedback to:

Policy & Transport Team
Hertsmere Borough Council
Civic Offices
Elstree Way

Comments need to be given to Hertsmere by Thursday 20th December 2018

Note: These pages relates to the Hertsmere Local Plan, but are provided by Shenley Parish Council.

It is not the same as the Shenley Neighbourhood Plan.