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Hertsmere Local Plan 2017 – New Garden Village

Objective: Creation of a sustainable stand-alone garden village

Note: This page is taken from Hertsmere’s Local Plan Issues and Options 2017 consultation document. Click Here to view it in Hertsmere’s consultation portal.

A new garden village could accommodate a significant proportion of long-term growth and address many of our future needs. Such an approach would reduce the impact on existing communities. It could not be done in isolation from nearby towns and villages and would require improved transport connections to those areas. The village would be planned for 4,000 new homes with the scope to increase by at least 50 per cent in the future.

Area of Search:

  • Due to our proximity to London and the pattern of development which has evolved over time, the countryside is relatively crowded and there are limited areas of undeveloped land within the green belt. The M25 effectively operates as a defensible barrier to prevent further outward growth of London into the green belt; consequently land to the north of Junctions 22 and 23 of the M25 would be the most likely locality for a new garden village.

Extent of initial development:

  • 4,000 new homes across an area of up to 200 hectares (500 acres), equivalent to 0.75sq miles
  • Village centre with local shops, services and leisure facilities
  • New office/high tech business park


Map showing potential areas of development in Shenley, with the New Garden Village area highlighted

Required Infrastructure

  • Up to four new primary schools
  • New secondary school
  • New healthcare provision
  • Policy compliant number of affordable homes
  • New pedestrian and cycle routes
  • Bus routes with possible guided busways to connect with other town centres
  • Local highway network improvements
  • Detailed investigations, including the modelling of the motorway junction capacity and the surrounding strategic road network
  • Village centre with retail and community facilities
  • Open space, leisure and sports facilities
  • Enhanced green infrastructure network (including parks, green spaces and other natural features)
  • High speed broadband network improvements

Main considerations


  • Well-planned local services and facilities can be provided from the outset
  • Enables local services and facilities, such as schools, GP surgeries and community centres to be planned in the best location rather than having to be fitted in around existing development
  • Enables a reduction in traffic and congestion to be achieved through a focus on cycling and walking routes
  • Increases the likelihood of Government and other public sector funding being available to support delivery
  • Enables larger numbers of affordable homes to be provided so as to deliver a mixed and balanced community
  • Enables the provision of more plots for self-build housing
  • Provides opportunities to allocate land and buildings for local employment, so reducing commuting
  • Enables provision for sustainable transport to be made


  • Managing the wider strategic road network
  • Up-front costs would be very significant including any upgrades to junctions and new link roads
  • A longer lead-in and delivery timescale than any other option, potentially over 10-20 years, meaning that housing need would not be addressed immediately

Question 16

New garden village

A new garden village that is carefully-planned will be able to accommodate a significant proportion of the growth we need, while minimising the impact on existing communities.

Do you support the idea of a new garden village as a long-term growth option for Hertsmere?

Can you think of any issues or benefits related to a garden village that have not been identified?

Please explain your answer. Where possible, please support your answer with reference to any evidence.

To answer this question, please respond to Hertsmere’s consultation online.