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Tue 4 Feb 2020 – Shenley Parish Council Minutes


PRESENT: Councillors Annie Keen, Rosemary Gilligan, Gavin O’Sullivan, William Susman (Chair), Natalie Susman

 In attendance:           Amanda Leboff, Clerk to the Council

  • 4 members of the public were present

93/19.           Apologies for Absence.

Apologies for absence were submitted from Councillors Justine Ash, Jonathan Bonn, Nigel Heller and Anthony Spencer

94/19.           Declarations of Interests

PERSONAL    Councillors Gilligan and Keen declared a personal interest in the item concerning Shenley Park Trust.   


95/19.           Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 7th January 2020

RESOLVED that the minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council meeting, held on the 7th January 2020 be confirmed as a correct record, and signed by Cllr Susman and adopted by the Council

96/19.           Review of Action Plan from above meetings

The Action plan was NOTED.  

97/19.           Questions by residents of Shenley Parish

The meeting welcomed 2 local developers who wished to inform the meeting regarding the planning application that has been submitted for the King William Pub site.  It was explained that the King William building will remain the same and the adjacent infill house that is to be built will have a link between the 2 properties.  These will house 6 apartments. All apartments will have 2 parking spaces.  Trees will be replanted as part of the plan.  The meeting then discussed the proposal. The Council NOTED that the maximum cost to a developer regarding the CIL contribution if they built a detached house in Shenley would be capped at a property price of £363,000, despite what the actual property would be sold for.

98/19.           Reports of Committee, Members and Clerk

  • Shenley Village Matters – Editor

The meeting NOTED the excellent publication. The meeting went on to thank Mr Guy Beaton for all his hard work editing the publications over the years and went on to thank Nicky Beaton for taking this role on and Cllr Annie Keene for taking on the role of proof reading and collecting of articles.

The meeting went on to NOTE that the Annual Parish Meeting will be taking place on Tuesday 3rd March at 6.30pm, prior to the monthly meeting.

It was AGREED that the Chairman would ask all Councillors for a short paragraph to be included in his annual speech.

  • Pathway – Cockle Way/Fielders Way

The meeting discussed the non-maintained pathway. The housing association have not been receptive to requests for help regarding the matter.  It was AGREED that the Clerk would contact Herts Rights of Way as this is a Right of Way and Cllr N Susman would continue to chase the housing association.

  • Neighbourhood Plan

The meeting was informed they are currently in the process of selecting an examiner.

  • VE Day 2020

The meeting were informed that there is a meeting with the faith leaders to discuss the event.

  • Christmas Lights – Engagement with the Community

The Chairman included this in his report for SVM and is now waiting for feedback from residents.

  • Action for a Cleaner Shenley – Update

The meeting was informed that this week there were 9 volunteers. In one area alone 23 empty cans of Heineken were found. The meeting thanked all the volunteers for their hard work.

  • Community Payback Scheme – Update

The team have attended for the last 2 weeks and have done an excellent job clearing part of The Spinney and the top end of Porters Park Drive by the zebra crossing. The meeting thanked the team for all their hard work.

  • Harris Lane/Rookery Field/Allotments

The meeting was informed that the cinema event will take place in Harris Lane on Sunday 14th June. It was AGREED that residents via Facebook will be asked to show their preference for the evening film to be shown.

  • Media Committee

The meeting NOTED the minutes from the media committee meeting. It was AGREED the Chairman will speak to a previous Cllr regarding the twitter account.

  • Shenley Community Activities Group

The meeting AGREED that the cultural trip will be to Kew Gardens.  The clerk will get this booked.

  • Police Update

Nothing to report.

  • Drive Safe Update

Nothing to report.

  • Shenley Park Trust

The meeting were informed that the AGM will take place on 2nd March.

99/19.           Planning Applications

The following planning applications were before the meeting. The meeting AGREED that;

  •       Subject to Hertsmere Borough Council taking into consideration any comments of neighbouring owners/occupiers, the Parish Council raises no objection to the following proposal.
20/0043/HSE 24 Newcome Road Shenley Hertfordshire WD7 9EJ Part single/part two storey side and rear extensions. Revised application to: 19/0045/HSE.
20/0020/ADV Mcdonalds Restaurant Ltd Bell Lane London Colney Hertfordshire Installation of 4 x internally illuminated menu board signs and 1 x digital screen. Revised application to: 19/1666/ADV (Application for Advertisement Consent).

With Regards To: –

20/0046/HSE 11 Charrington Close Shenley Hertfordshire WD7 9GZ Installation of rear conservatory.  

The meeting NOTED that permitted development Rights were removed when the development was built.

With Regards To: –

19/2033/HSE 23 Hamblings Close Shenley Hertfordshire WD7 9JJ Construction of single storey rear extension and conversion of loft to habitable room to include rear dormer and insertion of roof lights.

The Council OBJECTED to these applications on the grounds that: –

  • The development is too large
  • The development is not in keeping with the street scene
  • It is not in-keeping with the emerging Neighbourhood Plan

With Regards To: –

*20/0121/FUL Former King William IV 82 London Road Shenley Hertfordshire Change of use of former public house (A4) to residential (C3) to include 2 storey rear extension to facilitate creation of 4 x 2 bed apartments. Construction of an adjacent 2 storey building with a further 2 x 2 bed apartments with a glazed link between, together with car parking, bike and bin store, associated boundary and landscaping works.

The meeting liked the fact that the development looks in keeping with the street scene and it is being developed into 6 apartments.  However, they would have preferred to see it meeting with the Shenley Neighbourhood Plan SH4. 4-6, which supports the development of more affordable starter homes.

(i)Other planning matters were noted, and

(ii)The council instructs the Clerk to advise Hertsmere Borough Council accordingly.

(*Denotes that at this point, the Council moved to discuss planning applications which had been brought to its attention at the meeting. They were proposed and seconded.)

100/19.         Financial matters

Following a proposer and a seconder it was AGREED to give the Shenley WI a donation of £200

101/19.         The meeting ended at 9.10p.m.                                                       Chairman

ACTION LIST – TUESDAY 4 February 2020

provision action by action
Planning Applications Letter to Hertsmere Borough Council advising of the Council’s opinions. Clerk Actioned
Cllr Street responsibility Divide streets amongst Cllrs Clerk & Cllr W Susman ASAP
Change bank accounts Begin paperwork Clerk ASAP
Shenley Plan Inform HBC of adoption Clerk ASAP
Cinema event Begin publicising Clerk & Cllr N Susman ASAP
Annual Parish Meeting Chairman to collate paragraph from each Cllr Cllr W Susman ASAP
SCAG Trip Book Kew Gardens Clerk ASAP
Planning Committee Clerk to look into logistics Clerk ASAP
Shenley WI Arrange £200 to be given Clerk ASAP
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