Tue 3 Sept 2019 Shenley Parish Council Minutes


PRESENT: Councillors Justine Ash, Jonathan Bonn, Rosemary Gilligan, Nigel Heller, Gavin O’Sullivan and William Susman (Chair), Natalie Susman and Anthony Spencer

 In attendance:           Amanda Leboff, Clerk to the Council

  • 7 members of the public were present

40/19.           Apologies for Absence.

Apologies for absence were submitted from Cllr Annie Keen and County Councillor Morris Bright.

41/19.           Declarations of Interests

PERSONAL    Councillors Spencer and Gilligan declared a personal interest in the item concerning Shenley Park Trust.  

                        Councillors Natalie and William Susman declared a personal interest in the item concerning the land adjoining the King William IV pub 


42/19.           Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 9th July 2019

RESOLVED that the minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council meeting, held on the 9th July 2019 be confirmed as a correct record, and signed by Cllr Susman and adopted by the Council

43/19.           Review of Action Plan from above meetings

The Action plan was NOTED.

44/19.           Minutes of the Finance Committee Meeting held on 11th July 2019

RESOLVED that the minutes of the Finance Committee meeting, held on the 11th July 2019 be confirmed as a correct record, and signed by Cllr Susman and adopted by the Council

45/19.           Questions by residents of Shenley Parish

The chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

A question was asked regarding the Shenley Parish Council’s response to the Hertsmere Plan, regarding a site on Harris Lane. The response drew a comparison between a brown belt site and a green belt site, and it was felt a concession was being made with this particular site. Cllr Gilligan said that this was not the case and they would continue to fight any development in the green belt.

Following a discussion, it was AGREED that Councillor Gilligan would contact Hertsmere Borough Council to clarify the position and request the comments are removed from the public domain.

A question was then asked regarding the situation with the Right to Bid on the King William and The White Horse pubs. It was stressed that they were upset with Hertsmere Borough Council for taking so long to reply initially and not update the Council with any developments.

After a lengthy discussion it was AGREED that the Parish Council will write to the head of legal at Hertsmere to highlight the disappointment at the length of time it has taken for them to engage with us on this matter.

46/19.           Reports of Committee, Members and Clerk

  • CCTV – Update

Cllr Heller updated the meeting on the situation with the CCTV cameras.  Shenley have 2 cameras, one on loan, and one that was purchased several years ago.  The camera that SPC own now needs replacing.  Cllr Heller informed the meeting that a new agreement is in place where we will purchase a new camera and lease another and rent the third (the finance for this was agreed at the finance committee). 

Following a discussion, it was AGREED that the 3 locations would be: – Ribston Close, Cockle Way and Pound Lane opposite the pond.  

  • Neighbourhood Plan

The meeting was updated with regards to needing a SEA (Strategic Environmental Assessment), which is now not necessary. The next stage will be Regulation 16 which will be the final consultation period.  A public meeting will be held before the end of the year.

  • Action for a Cleaner Shenley – Update

The meeting thanked the ACS team for continuing to work so hard for Shenley.

  • Community Payback Scheme – Update

Clllr Keen has met with the supervisor 4 times and allocated work. So far, they have cleared overgrowth for 2 residents who have contacted the Parish Council. They have worked in the Spinney to enable the paths to be cleared. The front of Wilton Lodge up to the bus stop in London Road has been cleared of overgrown vegetation as has Porters Park Road.

This month going forward they will be working their way down Green Street to try and widen path.  Thanks, as always to Alex in Tea Rooms who always supplies Team with hot drinks

  • Harris Lane/Rookery Field

Nothing to report

  • Allotments

Meeting on Thursday 19th September.

  • Shenley Fete

Thanks to the Shenley Fete and Carnival Committee for their generous donation to the Sir Richard Cox Charity.

  • Media Committee

Cllr Ash updated the meeting, informing that contact has been made with those groups that advertise in Shenley Village Matters and on the website.

  • Shenley Community Activities Group

The Christmas theatre trip will be booked shortly.

  • Police Update

Cllr Heller informed the meeting that crime has levelled out in the Shenley area and there are continued discussions and meetings to try and reduce the levels of crime and Anti-Social Behaviour. Since Jan 2019 there have been a total of 148 incidents reported in the Shenley Parish, and they have consisted of:

ASB                             27%

Burglary                     8%

Arson                          13%

Public Disorder         7%

Vehicle crime             11%

Other                          34%

In June we welcomed PCSO  Kleanthis Kourtoubelides to Shenley, who has already engaged with the Councillors and is working closely with them.

  • Shenley Park Trust

The meeting was informed that apple Day is on 13th October.  

47/18.                        Correspondence Received:

HAPTC Bulletin
HBC News For you
Waldon Proposed Base Station Installation

48/19.           Planning Applications

The following planning applications were before the meeting. The meeting AGREED that;

  •       Subject to Hertsmere Borough Council taking into consideration any comments of neighbouring owners/occupiers, the Parish Council raises no objection to the following proposals.
19/0975/FUL Shenley Park, Radlett Lane, Shenley, Hertfordshire Alterations to corner kerb and pavement on the west side of the Shenley Park access road east junction on Radlett Lane
19/1229/FUL King William IV 82 London Road Shenley Hertfordshire Construction of a detached 4 bed dwelling on the land adjacent to 82 London Road, and reconfiguration of the existing Public House car park.
19/1294/PD56A The Farm House Barn The Farm House Salisbury Hall Drive London Colney Change of use of agricultural barn to residential dwelling house (C3) with alterations to create first floor level accommodation and changes to fenestration.

With regards to: –

19/1265/HSE 53 North Avenue Shenley Hertfordshire WD7 9DF Part single, part two storey rear extension.
19/1346/HSE 4 Harris Lane Shenley Hertfordshire WD7 9EB Single storey extensions to front, rear and both sides, following demolition of existing side and rear extensions. Conversion of loft to habitable room with 3 x rear dormer windows.

The Council OBJECTED to this application on the grounds that it is overdevelopment.

 (i)Other planning matters were noted, and

(ii)The council instructs the Clerk to advise Hertsmere Borough Council accordingly.

(*Denotes that at this point, the Council moved to discuss planning applications which had been brought to its attention at the meeting. They were proposed and seconded.)

49/19.           Financial matters

  • that the monthly petty cash reports for July and August 2019 be approved

(IV)     Grant Requests using the General Power of Competence: –

Shenley Primary School request for £2659.50 to help towards the cost of swimming coach expenses (£1524.60 given in 2014, 2015 and 2016, £1474.50 given in 2017 and £1500.00 given in 2018)

Following a proposer and a seconder it was RESOLVED to approve a donation of £1,500.00

  • to change bank for Shenley Parish Council from NatWest to Unity Bank
  • to change bank for Shenley Community Activities Group (SCAG) from NatWest to Unity Bank

50/19.           The meeting ended at 10.00p.m.                                                     Chairman


provision action by action
Planning Applications Letter to Hertsmere Borough Council advising of the Council’s opinions. Clerk Actioned
Right to Bid Email HBC Chairman and Clerk ASAP
Cllr Street responsibility Divide streets amongst Cllrs Clerk & Cllr W Susman ASAP
Future Initiative Committee Arrange meetings   Clerk ASAP
Neighbourhood Plan Clarify position regarding Harris Lane site to HBC Cllr Gilligan ASAP
Grant request Send cheques Clerk ASAP
Change bank accounts Begin paperwork Clerk ASAP
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