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TUESDAY, 7 NOVEMBER 2017 – Shenley Parish Meeting Minutes



PRESENT: Councillors Nicky Beaton, Annette Edel, Rosemary Gilligan, Helen Hussain, Gavin O’Sullivan, , Anthony Spencer, William Susman (Chair) and Peter Wayne

  • In attendance:            Amanda Leboff, Clerk to the Council


81/17.           Apologies for Absence.

Apologies for absence were submitted from Councillor Robert Perlmutter, and County Councillor Morris Bright.


82/17.                       Declarations of Interests

PERSONAL – Councillors Gilligan, Spencer and Susman declared a personal interest in the item concerning Shenley Park Trust.



83/17                        Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 3rd October 2017

RESOLVED that the minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council meeting, held on 3rd October 2017 be confirmed as a correct record, and signed by Cllr Susman and adopted by the Council.


84/17.                       Review of Action Plan from above meetings

The Action plan was NOTED.


85/17.           Questions by residents of Shenley Parish

The chairman took the opportunity to welcome members of the press and public to the meeting.


86/17.           Reports of Committee, Members and Clerk

(i)                Emails from residents regarding planning applications for The Church of The Good Shepherd

The Chairman welcomed Mrs Delaney to the meeting.  Mrs Delaney explained that the hall is a community hall and is used throughout the year by parishioners. There has been a lack of consultation from the Church with the parishioners who have been kept out of the loop regarding the plans.  The Church and hall were built using funds raised by the community via fundraising.  Councillor Gillian stated she was shocked the dioceses have decided to do this as it was built by the Shenley Catholic community.


The meeting agreed that the hall is an extra community facility and the Priest’s house is currently rented out to a family so the removal of this would mean the loss of a viable home.  Moreover if a new priest came to the community there would be no accommodation.


Following a lengthy discussion the meeting AGREED to object to planning applications 17/1942/FUL and 17/1865/FUL.


(ii)              Hertsmere Local Plan – Update

Councillor Gilligan informed the meeting that the objection letter has been sent and Hertsmere Borough Council has acknowledged receipt.  Councillor Gilligan went on to explain the housing numbers recommended by the Government are far less than Hertsmere are suggesting, and cannot understand why Hertsmere are trying to build a commuter town with additional housing numbers that are not being requested by Government.  The meeting were also reminded of the meeting with Oliver Dowden on 8th December.


(iii)            Neighbourhood Plan – Update

Councillors Beaton and Gilligan informed the meeting this was progressing and that they are waiting on the reports from AECOM.


(iv)            Gates at the Entrance to Shenley

Following a discussion the meeting AGREED that the Clerk would contact Herts Highways and ask if Gates would be allowed at both entrances to Shenley and what would be needed to proceed.


(v)              Pond Lights

Councillor Susman has meetings to finalise this.


(vi)            Pursley Field – Update

Clerk to chase solicitor.


(vii)          Harris Lane/Rookery Field

Councillor Susman informed the meeting we will be ordering the hoop for the field.


(viii)        Allotments

The Clerk informed the meeting that the entrance to the allotments has been resurfaced.


(ix)            Shenley Fete

Councillor Beaton informed the meeting the Fete AGM will take place on Wednesday 15th November in the Methodist Church hall.


(x)              Future Initiative Events

The coming months are:-

Remembrance Sunday                     Sunday 12th November 10.45am

Christmas lights switch on               Tuesday 14th November 5.30-6.30pm

Chanukah                                           Saturday 16th December 5.30-6.30pm

Santa’s Ride around                         Sunday 17th December 11.30am starting at the pond

Christmas at the Cage                       Sunday 17th December 5.30-6.30pm


Councillor Beaton asked the Councillors for their support during these events as it takes a lot of work to run them

  • It was agreed that the Christmas Lights switch on would be set up from 4.30pm and all those able to help should come along.


(xi)            Media Committee

Councillor Beaton informed the meeting that Shenley Village Matters has now been delivered.


(xii)          CSP

Information was noted.


(xiii)        Police Update

Nothing to report.


(xiv)        Shenley Park Trust

Councillor Spencer informed the meeting the next meeting on 11th December.


87/17.           Correspondence

(i)                Receipt of the following correspondence was reported and noted:

HCC Rights of Way RoW Clearance Contract


88/17.           Planning Applications

The following planning applications were before the meeting. The meeting AGREED that;

(1)        Subject to Hertsmere Borough Council taking into consideration any comments of neighbouring owners/occupiers, the Parish Council raises no objection to the following proposal.

Application No. Address Proposed Development
17/1995/VOC Hertswood School, Cowley Hill, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire. Application for variation of condition 24 to allow for amending and substituting

approved drawings to allow for changes to windows and external finish

materials, following grant of planning permission ref: 14/1766/FUL.

Condition Number(s): 24 approved drawings

Conditions(s) Removal:

Substitution of drawings to make minor changes to the approved drawings


With regards to

17/1968/HSE 5 Old Nursery Close, Shenley, Hertfordshire, WD7 9FD Erection of single storey side and rear extension following reduction in size of existing car port.

The meeting OBJECTED to this application as Permitted Development Rights have been removed and the owners would have been aware of this when they purchased the property.


With regards to

17/1958/FUL Land adjacent to Black Lion, London Road, Shenley, Hertfordshire Erection of single storey, detached, 1 bed dwelling (Revised Application)

The meeting OBJECT to this application.  Please see appendix ‘A’.

With regards to

17/1942/FUL The Church Of The Good Shepherd, Shenleybury, Shenley, Hertfordshire Change of use of existing church hall (D2) to a Nursery (D1) with associated

internal alterations.

The meeting OBJECTED to this application as it would result in the loss of a well-used community hall, which amongst other things is also used as a polling station.  It is the only hall in Shenley with a substantial carpark.  The proposal for an additional nursery in Shenley would result in an increase in daily traffic at what is already a notoriously dangerous bend. Moreover there are already 2 nurseries in Shenley and another it is felt, would be an overprovision. Finally the church hall was built using money raised by parishioners, for the use of the church and its parishioners.


With regards to

17/1865/FUL Church House, Black Lion Hill, Shenley, Hertfordshire Change of use from (C3) residential to (A2) offices

The meeting OBJECTED to this application as it would result in the loss of residential housing, and is currently being lived in by a family.


(i)Other planning matters were noted, and

(ii)The council instructs the Clerk to advise Hertsmere Borough Council accordingly.

(*Denotes that at this point, the Council moved to discuss planning applications which had been brought to its attention at the meeting. They were proposed and seconded.)


88/17.           Financial matters

(I)                 Accounts for payment –September 2017 meeting

Payment To Reason Total Amount
Bob Gough Grounds Maintenance  (September payment) 384.00
Fay Gough Cleaning toilet, office (September payment) & reimburse for items 94.67
Danny Gough Grounds Maintenance  (September payment) 280.00
John O’Conner August grounds maintenance 144.00
Caprin Printers Printing flyers for SPC info on Local Plan evening 165.00
BT Office phone and broadband 95.65
Came and Company Parish Council Insurance (3 Year long term agreement in) 2516.23
Shenley Methodist Church  Hire of hall (Neighbourhood plan) 35.00
SCAG Account Transfer of funds to the SCAG account 2000.00
Petty Cash Petty Cash  – amount to take up to £200 imprest system for September 2017 166.54
Steve Shelton Reimburse items to make plot numbers for the allotments 32.02
Caprin Printers 2 banners for Public Meeting 202.80
HCC Stationary 21.38
Affinity Water The allotments 588.06
Affinity Water Harris Lane Pavilion 74.47
Affinity Water The Hub 15.60
Dor-2-Dor (G L Green) Delivery of Public Meeting flyers 143.00
Mrs Amanda Leboff Expenses – XERO monthly payment & reimburse for banners 139.97
Electrical Testing Ltd Structural testing for Christmas Lights 2136.49
Gardener 4 months gardening of pond area 210.00
Mrs Amanda Leboff Wages 1087.72
HMRC Payment 212.58
John O’Conner Missing invoice for June 2017 87.00
Caprin Printers Halloween posters 63.00
E.ON The Cage 18.91
E.ON Harris Lane Pavilion 26.23
Bob Gough Grounds Maintenance  (October payment) 434.00
Fay Gough Cleaning toilet, office (October payment) 40.00
The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal Wreath 19.00
Caprin Printers Public Meeting leaflets 152.00
Caprin Printers Shenley Village Matters Autumn 2017 – issue 11 1179.00
Dor-2-Dor (G L Green) Delivery of Shenley Village Matters – issue 11 143.00
William Susman Reimburse items for Halloween and Christmas 94.22
HAPTC Clerk training 40.00
TOTAL 13041.54

Following a proposal and seconder, it was:-

RESOLVED that the October 2017 meeting accounts for October 2017 (£13,041.54), be approved for payment.

(II)             Following a proposal and seconder, it was:-RESOLVED that the monthly budget monitoring report be approved.

(III)           Following a proposal and seconder, it was:-RESOLVED that the monthly petty cash report be approved

(IV)           Section 137 Grant Requests: – There were none

(V)             It was RESOLVED to ACCEPT the proposal to spend up to £1,200 pa to use to employ an outside company to take on responsibility as General Data Protection Regulation controller.

(VI)           The council AGREED not to purchase a second CCTV camera.


90/17.           The meeting ended at 9.15p.m.                                           Chairman



provision action by action
Planning Applications Letter to Hertsmere Borough Council advising of the Council’s opinions. Clerk Actioned
Pond lights Hire of lighting designer to plan what is needed Clerk & Cllr Susman ASAP
Basket Ball hoop To be ordered ASAP
Highways Ask for relining of road markings on Rectory Lane and by Cage Pond Road and Pound Lane Clerk Actioned
Police Ask Police to attend Council meeting Clerk ASAP




Appendix A


Shenley Parish Council


Planning Department                                                       Your Ref:  Ref:  Application 17/1958/FUL

Hertsmere Borough Council                                         Our Ref: PLANLE07/11/17

Civic Offices,

Elstree Way


Herts WD6 1WA                                                        8th November 2017



To whom it may concern,


Application 17/1958/FUL

Following the full meeting of the Shenley Parish Council on Tuesday 7th November 2017, the Parish Council OBJECTED to application 17/1958/FUL.


As reference has been made to the previous appeal which was dismissed.  It is appropriate to note the parts of the inspector’s decision relating to a replacement dwelling in a barn style.


6        However, the introduction of a dwelling on the site of the former stables would have an entirely different relationship with surrounding built form, most notably in that it would not comprise the filling of a gap or space, but would occupy a position closer to Rectory Lane, on what is essentially an open frontage and bound by a large expense of open space to the East. Therefore, and notwithstanding the presence of the existing stable building on this part of the site, as I must assess the development in its entirety, it follows that the scheme as a whole would not amount to infilling for the purposes of GB policy. It also follows that I do not need to go on to consider whether it would be limited.


7        The proposal would thus amount to inappropriate development in the GB. There would also be some impact on the openness of the GB and the Council cites volumetric comparisons between the massing of the existing and proposed buildings on the site. However, it seems to me a common scenario that the development of GB infill sites will include the introduction of new built form, often where none existed previously. That aside, the proposals would inevitably result in some loss of openness, which in itself would not lead me to dismiss the appeal,(relating to the whole site)  but nonetheless adds to the harm by reason of inappropriateness.


11  However, I do share the Council’s concern in relation to the proximity of the barn style dwelling to the side of the terrace of three houses. Its juxtaposition with the terrace would be uncomfortably close and its two storey massing would look out of place set forward of the terrace to Rectory Lane. I appreciate it would replace the existing stable/barn, but as a low key single storey structure, that building is a relatively minor component of the built form at the site and the proposed dwelling, being considerably taller, would have a stronger physical presence.

12  I am also concerned that its barn style appearance would not relate well to the remainder of the development and the existing Public House, although I acknowledge that the antecedent to its design was likely the existing structure on site. In this respect, I consider that the proposal would not comply with the advice in the Planning and Design Guide Part D: Guidelines for Development Supplementary Planning Document (2013) (SPD) which stresses the importance of the integration of developments with existing urban structure. This particular element of the scheme, in lacking coherence with the balance of the development on site, would thus harm the character and appearance of the Shenley Conservation Area.


Having read the specifications for the new barn, the Parish Council does not feel that the current application is much varied from the original description.  The redevelopment of the site has caused much upset within the village.   Please note the comment that the car parking will be included in the car parking arrangements for the terrace of three just built.  The opening of the restaurant has caused issues with parking on Rectory lane and to remove two car parking which are currently marked for the use of restaurant in the newly completed parking area for the new houses, would only exuberate the matter.


This application was refused in its first 2 incarnations, and nothing in the reduction to one bedroom makes it anymore suitable.


I shall be pleased if you will kindly arrange for the foregoing comments to be taken into consideration when the application is dealt with by the Borough Council.


Yours sincerely


Amanda Leboff


Amanda Leboff

Clerk to the Council

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